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Why Content Runner?

Bring Your Own Writers

Invite your own writers and have them create accounts on Content Runner. Think of Content Runner as not only a writer marketplace, but more importantly a platform for managing all your content and your writer relationships.

Set Your Own Price

Tired of paying high prices for poor quality writing? I'm fully convinced that the rating system for determining writer payments is broken. The only way to pay writers what they deserve is to set your own price per unit of content. If you have a 500 word article you think is worth $15 because it requires very little research that's your prerogative and if you have a 700 word article direct order that will require your favorite writer a lot of research, price that at $40, either way as a user you get the opportunity to choose the pricing you want.

nTopic Articles

nTopic is a score that gets applied to each of your articles that measures content relevancy. nTopic takes the keywords you provide, builds a "perfectly relevant" document, and then compares your content to that document. It then compares your relevancy against the probability that any random 2 documents from our cohort will have greater relevancy to one another than the ideal document to yours. A score of 99% means that 99/100 times your document would be more relevant to the ideal keyword document than any two random documents would be relevant to one another.

Manage all Your Writing Projects in one Place

After using many of the writing tools out there, we couldn't find one that allowed us to connect with writers and manage writing projects at the same time. With Content Runner you've got one interface to track all of your projects, no reason to use another 3rd party tool to find out where you are at with each piece of content in progress.

Make New Writer Relationships

Finding new writers is relatively easy, put an ad on Craigslist and you can expect to get 20-50 emails in 24 hours. However the quality of the writers will vary dramatically and once you find writers you like, you need to manage the content as well as the relationship and that requires tools. We are building a fully transparent writer directory that anyone can view, check out writer profiles, bios, and message writers to work directly with the writers they choose.

No More Paying Writers One by One

Ever managed payments for more than 10 writers at a time? If so you know the pain that is using paypal, tracking articles, paying on a certain schedule for each writer and even after all that the writer loses out on 3.5% to Paypal fees. Writers are paid via ACH transaction on Content Runner directly into their bank accounts with no fees deducted.

Unique Content

Managing your own projects means you need to manually copy and paste every piece of content into Copyscape, that's a waste of time! We have fully integrated the Copyscape API and every article on the site gets checked and scored via Copyscape.

Export Articles with Ease

Looking to get your articles into a Word Document quickly? With our Export tab, you can pick the articles you want, click export and get as many as you want all zipped up nice and neat with the titles you chose and in RTF format. Don't waste time exporting documents into .txt or .csv - get your content into a Word document or even better get it into Wordpress, read on to learn more.

Import Articles into WordPress

Quickly import your Content Runner content into WordPress as a page or post while maintaining your formatting. No more copying and pasting out of Word, Excel or whatever format you're used to having to copy and paste out of. Now you just select the article you want to get loaded up in to WP, check a box, click the "Import" button and you're on your way.

Clean and Easy to Use Interface

We are very picky when it comes to style and that (hopefully) shines through with Content Runner. The order entry window took us 20-30 hours to design and perfect, the user/writer interface was a fun process and throughout the site we took a lot pains to make features obvious and available for both users and writers.


"If you spend enough money, you can get a great article just about anywhere. But right now, there is only one place - the first place - that can guarantee you that content is statistically keyword optimized. That place is ContentRunner. Their commitment to quality is clear and they are innovating in ways other providers have been holding back on for years."
Russell Jones -  Virante Web Marketing
"My writer did a phenomenal job on the article he wrote. Much better than I think I could have received at other sites. It wasn't ready for hitting the publish button, but it was 90% there. All in all, I'm pleased with this first article. The entire process of first draft, returned to writer with comments, second draft, acceptance, went well."
Michael Cyger -  Web X.0 Media
"Content Runner is so easy to use and I found some great writers. I love the new service!"
Matt Cassarino -  Superlative Internet, LLC