Location:  Frederic, WI
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I am a graduate of Bethel University (St. Paul, MN) with a BA in History (minor in sociology).

My career spanned areas from commercial banking in the banking industry to credit risk management in the media, medical, high tech, and the food & beverage industries. Each and every area demanded clear communication both written and verbal.

While working for the publishing company...it was called "Imagine Media" at the time, I grew to understand and to appreciate the concept of how ideas translated into the written word increased their power. With that knowledge, I decided that someday I would expand my expertise in communication through the written word.

I now have a blog that now has a following of 2,000 people each day. It is a hodgepodge type of blog that covers any and every thing from photos to recipes. When I am sitting in front of my computer working on my blog...time disappears and my soul sings.

So with all of this in my mind, it is my decision to expand my writing expertise through "Content Runner" and working for all of you that are willing to work with me.

EDUCATION:  BA (History major, Socialogy minor) from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN BLOG:  Wylddane's Home
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Writing Sample

Mom transitioned from this stage of life to the next stage 28 years ago this coming December. Even to this day the idle thought will cross my mind "I've got to call Mom and tell her about 'this' or 'that'." I do miss her.

She was a wonderful feisty woman. From her I have inherited her wicked sense of humor and my love of having a good time...oh and lest I forget...I also have her love of baking and cooking in me. So on this Sunday in May which honors Mothers, I am going to spend the afternoon baking and cooking and enjoying so many good memories of her. And maybe during that time of being busy in the kitchen she will be with me...sitting at the dining table, sipping a cup of coffee, and giving me her sage advice...and just for a moment I will hear the whisper of her laughter. I would like that.