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Efrain concursively attains and retains online clients by helping them find new traffic for their business, blog, website or more by writing and editing lucent, eloquent copy that creates value and serves a "niche" in its best capacity. As seen in his job history below, he has respectively created value for dozens of clients thus far by writing on the following topics, and countless others, with lengths from 100 to 18,000 words or more - depending on the need, the style guide required, and the client's instructions.

He can make every word count while avoiding "fluff"! You can count on his deadlines!

Efrain also obtained his BA in Communication Writing with a minor in Mass Media studies. He got this degree in 2012 and has worked for clients online since then. Plus, he's 100% fluent in English and Spanish. He primarily writes/edits in AP style. He also writes academic content in APA/MLA/CHICAGO/HARVARD styles and can research well to provide solid content.

But most important of all, he'll work to help YOU succeed!


Efrain has successfully completed Individual/Group/Direct Order Assignments, for other writing sites, in the Following Formats:

• Press Releases
• Product descriptions
• Resume Writing
• Essays
• White Papers
• Business/Leader Profiles
• Website Copy ("About Us Page", "Backlink Copy", more....)
• Blogs for Personal and Business Use
• Business/Product/Location/City Reviews
• News Article Recaps
• Recent/Upcoming Event Coverage or Summaries
• Informatives or Informational Topics
• Topics for ebooks
• Travel: hotels, airlines, city guides, more…
Additionally, he has written more than 2,000 pieces long and short, all of which have been approved for and paid for on other sites. He has properly sold the rights to each respective client and has not published them under his name. Thorough copywriting and flawless copyediting are Efrain's specialties - as is translation from English to Spanish or vice versa.

Though he has written on numerous topics; the ones he'll write for the most are in real estate, interviews, businesses, leaders and their history or background, business profiles, promotional material, sales products, marketing, SEO advice, online gambling and other online trends. He also has an official blog on LinkedIn - with publications!

Efrain has also written lucent, eloquent copy on these topics, and countless others, with lengths from 100 to 18,000 words or more - depending on the need, the style guide required, and the client's instructions:

-Sanitation and Public Health Awareness
-Internet Trends
-Keyword Analysis
-Many More!

Efrain occasionally enjoys throwing his laptop down (but not too hard) on the ground and going outside for a moonlight walk by the beach with his girlfriend. Additionally, he loves to learn all about new cultures, languages and socio-ethnic groups, covering them in his many blogs. He loves to meet new people and also engage in hiking, biking, or even swimming with a group or friends at his local rec center; there's nothing out there this aspiring young blog warrior's not willing to try!

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