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Hello! I am a full-time freelance writer. I have lived in United States, New Zealand, the UK and Canada and I am location independent and travel throughout the world. I write hundreds of articles per month including copywriting, blogs, eBooks, and more. I write mostly travel related content for a variety of website, such as news articles, web copy, blog posts, reference content, and much more. I have written about destinations all over the world, and my previous clients have included Ethihad Airlines, Radisson Blu Hotels, and Select Resorts. However, I have also written about a huge variety of topics and I have the strong research skills to write about anything that comes my way. I have a Bachelors Degree as well as many years of experience blogging, writing articles, and creating top notch web content. I am prompt, thorough and dedicated to quality. I have done a great deal of SEO-related work as well, so I have an in depth understanding of keyword optimization. I have very strong writing skills, and I can adapt my voice to suit your audience.



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Health and Fitness


Dieting does not mean you should stop eating. In fact, starving yourself causes metabolism to slow down, which is counterintuitive to weight loss. The best weight loss pills for appetite suppression contain ingredients such as synephrine and phenylethylamine which curb the appetite and may prevent dieters from overeating or eating between meals.

Hormones control how much we eat by telling our brains to signal the stomach when it thinks our body needs energy. Alpha-MSH, leptin, neuropeptide Y, ghrelin and anandamid are all hormones involved in appetite stimulation. Obesity researchers have recently studied leptin, a known appetite suppressant, and discovered that leptin is produced by genes contained in lipid cells. 

People who are chronically overweight appear to have less leptin in their blood 

than individuals of normal weight. Some of the best weight loss pills made with herbs are supposed to increase leptin secretion which may promote weight loss but research has not confirmed the efficacy of herbal weight loss supplements.

Diet Pills Inhibit Calorie Absorption

A good diet pill will have ingredients that effectively inhibit calorie absorption by the body. These ingredients are called “phaseolus vulgaris" substances that produce an enzyme which efficiently moderates a dieter's excess calorie intake. This enzyme is an alpha-amylase inhibitor, also referred to as a "starch blocker". Because of its ability to reduce blood insulin and glucose levels, it is thought to facilitate weight loss. 

Diuretic Diet Pills

When someone initially begins losing weight, most of the first ten to 20 pounds is due to fluids retained in body tissues leaving the body through urination. Taking diet pills containing a diuretic accelerate loss of water which results in rapid weight loss. 

In addition, people suffering from high blood pressure often take diuretics to relieve heart congestion and prevent swelling in ankles, feet and hands. Diuretics frequently used by dieters and those suffering from certain medical conditions include thiazide, loop and potassium sparing diuretics. While these "water pills" are effective at producing rapid weight loss, the danger of dehydration exists when water input does not match water output. 

Diet pills should be used in conjunction with weight loss foods and the best exercise for weight loss, such as walking, jogging, swimming and aerobic exercise. A comprehensive weight reduction program involving all these components and not just the best weight loss pills is necessary to effectively lose weight and maintain the healthy weight you finally achieve.