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Writing Sample

Guide to Borrowing Money for the Small Business Owner

Every entrepreneur understands the difficulties of starting a small business. Centric Bank understands the financial hurdles your business is likely to face even before you open shop. Tailored to your business’ specific financial needs, Centric Bank offers different financing options. Knowing the right financing option available to you is the first step before approaching your banker. Here’s a financial guide for small business borrowing money.

1. Government-Guaranteed (SBA) Lending

Financing small businesses is an important strategy for the thriving US economy. Millions of business startups in the US find this financing option reliable and convenient. By providing the necessary resources and support in the form of affordable loans, the agency ensures a smooth transition from a business startup to a thriving business enterprise.

Centric Bank offers 7(a) loans with SBA backing. Borrowing money as a small business has to meet the following criteria to qualify.

Small Businesses need to:

•    Have a good credit history and a personal credit score of above 680.

•    Be in active business for at least two years.

•    Meet a certain percentage of down-payment, particularly when the investment is in Real Estate.

•    In some cases have collateral or personally guarantee the loan.

•    Have a detailed financial data and a business plan.

•    Have a profitable business.

Business startups also require:

•    To personally guarantee the loan payment.

•    A good credit history and a personal credit score of at least 600.

•    To acquire a business credit card, with supporting documents to verify your business,

2. Commercial Real Estate

Retail space with the sufficient space requirements for your business is a recipe for success. A well-planned office space is crucial for supporting the daily tasks and could potentially boost production, improve your employees’ morale and help you achieve the goals you set for your business. Centric Bank has you in mind with the following options for borrowing money for a business startup.

•    Purchase of your first office, retail or commercial space.

•    Leasing of commercial space.

•    New property for business.

•    Building or renovation of your business property.

Lenders at Centric Bank offer these business-friendly financing options to help your business expand, and acquire as much commercial space as is needed.

3. Lines and Letters of Credit

A business line and letter of credit play an important part in keeping a constant cash flow while at the same time meeting your short-term working capital needs. Lines and letters of credit are flexible enough to cushion against seasonal changes in business, and the business can comfortably pay back when it is performing optimally.

Business loans and lines allow your business to access:

•    Secured or unsecured working capital and inventory lines.

•    Asset acquisition lines.

4. Commercial Term Loans

High costs of purchasing the necessary production equipment and meeting the working capital are likely to take a toll on your business. Affordable commercial term loans offered by Centric Bank should ease the pressure and help you focus all your energy on making your business more productive.

5. Financing for Doctors and Professional Practices

Unlike other types of business startups, physicians and healthcare practices need state of the art equipment that may be financially out of reach. Centric Bank has this unique loan package to cater for the high costs of insurance premiums, personnel, and equipment purchase for the healthcare industry.

This industry-specific banking offers solutions such as:

•    Up to 100% financing

•    Startup financing

•    Practice acquisition

•    Working equipment and working capital

•    Debt financing

•    Buy-ins or buy-outs

•    Real estate purchase, renovation or expansion

6. Agricultural Lending

The seasonal agricultural based businesses have to maintain a steady production, starting from the farm to the processing or manufacturing. The competitive rates offered by Centric Bank helps farmers stay one step ahead, by taking advantage of savings on seed, fertilizer, and chemicals.

Handy Tips for Accessing Small Business Loans

Start-up loans can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you need the money to set up your first office or purchase the equipment you need for production, Centric Bank has got you covered. Here’s what you need to know before you approach your banker.

Your ability to pay: Soliciting a loan for your small business startup requires that you have a well thought out repayment plan. Banks are interested in knowing your secondary source such as collateral as well as reviewing your financial statement to analyze the cash flow. Existing businesses that can show a consistent track record are more likely to obtain a business loan with ease.

Credit history: Good credit record improves your credibility and enhances relations with your banker. Apart from personal information such as name, address, and the Social Security number, the credit report contains information on credit cards, student loans, and mortgages a detailed record of how you have repaid each. Be sure to maintain a clean record, avoiding any late payments.

Equity investment: Business earnings or direct investments by the owners or investors both form part of the capital. Committing to boost your business equity from your pocket can immensely improve your creditworthiness.

Collateral: Collateral for loans cushions the banker against unpaid loans. The value of the collateral is at a discounted market rate. In the absence of this, a co-signer can be alternative security, to improve your chances of acquiring a business loan.

Management experience: The success of a business relies on the expertise and experience of its owners. Bankers will most often look out for acquired managerial education skills that enable you to run a successful business. Free Online Courses offered by SBA can help improve your skills and guarantee a better chance at acquiring business startup loans.

The right kind of financing can see you through nurturing your small business up to the time it can economically sustain itself. Having a financial plan from the start is essential before you approach your preferred lender. Connect with our bankers today to help you decide on the best financial solution that will help your business grow.






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Great work.
Article was not accurate. Article showed lack of knowledge in the topic. Writing revision notes for second round of revisions would've taken longer to draft than just rewriting the entire article myself. When I checked writer profile, the profile picture was of Chris Evans. Franky, I expected more from Captain America.
Did not have good flow in terms of sentence structure and syntax