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I'm Wenxi and research is my passion. I have expertise in copywriting for small businesses in a variety of subjects including biotechnology, content strategy, healthcare, small business marketing, social media, software apps, and education.

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Writing Sample

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Are you looking for a different career path because you're tired of sitting in front of a cubicle for 8 hours a day? Have you ever thought about opportunities where you can work from home, and possibly travel anywhere you want without having to answer calls from your boss? If you said yes to either, then you should consider becoming a virtual assistant (VA). It's basically the same as freelancing since you get to set your own schedule and choose what kind of projects to complete based on the professional expertise you've accumulated from previous positions. 

As a virtual assistant, you have more freedom over how much you earn and likely more time to spend on pursuing other hobbies. If you are unfamiliar with the VA industry, don't be afraid to speak with a veteran in the business, as they frequently host webinars or podcasts online to answer any questions you have, such as how to find clients or market your social media page.

To launch a successful VA business, you need a good amount of organization and valuable services you can offer to companies. A virtual assistant has many responsibilities depending on their skills and interests. It extends beyond simple administrative duties like filing electronic documents using note-taking apps. 

A virtual assistant could be assigned the following tasks:

  • Processing customer orders and refunds
  • Troubleshooting plugins or server errors on a WordPress site
  • Editing blog posts to make final touches on the content
  • Translate documents into a foreign language
  • Design graphics to improve a website's user interface
  • Manage and budget company expenses
  • Plan for long-distance traveling arrangements
  • Create landing pages for newly released products
  • Generate leads for business owners through list-building

As you can see, virtual assistants contribute to the workflow of a thriving business through their flexible problem-solving skills. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your ability as a strategic planner in the workplace from when you were an executive assistant (EA). After all, a capable executive assistant plays a central role in coordinating with people from multiple departments, keeping company events organized and preparing reports for a board meeting to discuss the bottom line.

Still wondering about how to become a virtual assistant? Well, you do need to be familiar with search engines to look up keywords, or at the very least, be able to surf the web. Next, you want to practice your communication skills, which will help you send out professional emails and make phone calls on behalf of potential clients. Virtual assistants are the backbone of effective management teams, ensuring they stay on top of new trends in their industry.