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Location:  Dallas, TX
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I think/write/do. Most of all, I enjoy writing to communicate.

My past life had me answering, greeting, editing, filing, faxing,
stuffing, mailing, populating raw data into existing databases and other 'ings, as an administrative support person.

I'm now looking to transition from working in administrative support roles to deriving my sole income through writing.

A few highlights:

✔ Innate writing ability
✔ Speed reader
✔ Super-fast (77-wpm) typist
✔ Minimal daily sleep needed (I'm working when they're sleep)

How can I help you?

By playing it straight. By digging for hidden (copywriting) appeals. By making sure my words are easy to understand -- so that they're more sellable.

If you're "in" business, you will find my writing clear, accessible and useful.

EDUCATION:  High School Diplomoa from South Oak Cliff BLOG:  None provided
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Writing Sample

(For Us Who Are In Know ― It's Good Health Time!)

The WHOOP Wearable Heart Rate Monitor helps you maintain optimal performance levels.

Okay, today is the day. Remember, last week, when you promised yourself you were going
to sprint up Pike's Hill?

You've done the hard work, by running early mornings and late evenings. Your better half
made sure you ate right and got a good nights sleep. And because you know a strong body
and good health are everything, you didn't spare any expense when it came to your workout
accessories. For this next level fitness challenge, the key is to go lighter, for example:

  • Active-wear shirt and shorts clothing
  • Running shoes
  • Special outdoor running sunglasses 

Including your newest addition:
The all-new WHOOP 2.0 Fitness Tracker. The lightest bring-along in the bunch.

This wearable Heart Rate Monitor is so light you may forget you're wearing it. When you switch
from office time to active time, the WHOOP 2.0 Fitness Tracker is your personal on-board
mission-control assistant.

  • This wearable device is right at home tracking your heart rate (won't let you over train)
  • Monitors your movements 24/7, calculating data sets in real-time
  • Color display will let you know if you need to back off ― or push harder

As well as let you know if you're on pace to reach your target.

And when you're done, the WHOOP Fitness Tracker isn't. It will even monitor your light, REM
sleep ― for those of us who want to take it to the max from sunrise to sundown.

Running. Walking. Cycling. Skiing. Swimming. Balling and all'ing. The WHOOP Fitness Tracker
will be with you the whole time doing what it does best.

Helping you know what your fitness level is in real-time.