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My writing and expertise can be described in three simple words: Versatile. Experienced. Passionate.

I am an academically trained writer and researcher with a dual Bachelor's degree in English and Marketing. I have been managing social media, blogs, and other only marketing channels for almost half a decade.

I own and operate a social media marketing, blogging, and start-up consultation service called The Mint Fox. The Mint Fox is a comprehensive start-up consultation and marketing solution at an extremely affordable price. My company also writes SEO copy and offers SEO consultation services to my clients. I manage brands like Forward March Inc, The Spa'ah LLC, EcoClean Austin, and more. I've also worked with well-known brands like T-Mobile and TruthFinder.

EDUCATION:  English/Marketing from University of Central Arkansas BLOG:  The Mint Fox Business Blog
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Writing Sample

4 Reasons Why Landing Pages Can Make Or Break Your Online Presence

There are a few popular buzz phrases that are often used when talking about web design, search engine optimization, and small business marketing online. One of these phrases that often gets overlooked is the term "landing page." While there are sexier aspects of website design and online marketing, understanding the importance of a great landing page is essential for building a killer online presence that will fill your inbox with requests from new leads.
"What is a landing page, anyway?"
A landing page is a distinct section of a website that is built to advertise or market a single product or service. For example, my business has three main parts: Blog & Article Writing, SEO Website Copy Writing, and Sales & Marketing Writing. My Services page lists each of the these core businesses as well as their features and benefits. However, in an effort to target customers for each of these core businesses specifically, I have created a landing page for each service area as well. You can click on each core business above to visit my landing pages to take a closer look.
"Why are landing pages so important?"
Now that we've established what landing pages are, I'm sure you're still wondering why they are so important for growing your business. Check it out...
They convert leads.
One of the most important aspects about a landing page is its "call to action" language. A landing page should communicate your product or service's value to a potential customer and then ask them to do something about it. While the bulk of your website probably serves to communicate information to consumers, landing pages should be specifically designed with lead conversion in mind. The hallmarks of a great landing pages that consistently converts leads include the following:
  • Robust Search Engine Optimization - Make sure your landing page shows up in the right searches.
  • Call to Action Language - Ask the potential customers to do something like contact you or sign up for a free trial.
  • Proof of Need Data - Find data that supports your claim that the potential client needs your service or product.
  • Communication of Value - Tell the potential customer what it is that you can do for them or how you can make their lives easier.
  • Easy to Use Sign Up Form - Don't give you potential new customer any reason to click away from the page without getting their information.
They provide targeted communication.
Landing pages generally advertise a specific service, product, event, or campaign. For this reason, landing pages can be used to target specific niches of your target market as a whole. For example, my target customers are business owners who need a copywriter but don't have the capital or desire to hire a full-time content person. However, some business owners may produce their own sales or marketing copy (i.e. brochures, emails, promotions), but they do not have time to blog several times per month. To specifically capture this niche of my target market, I have created a paged dedicated to my blog management subscriptions. Other pages on my site would not communicate the value of my blog management service as effectively as my subscriptions page. This page serves to convert blog management leads into clients and I see much more successful conversions from this pages than any other page on my site.
They clarify your message.
As you probably know, the golden rule of marketing and communication online is to keep it simple. Landing pages are an extremely effective way to communicate a single idea quickly and effectively. This is because a landing page should only focus on one thing. Whether you're pushing a product, marketing a service, or simply want customers to sign up for your newsletter, create a single landing page that asks them to do so. As a rule, you should remember that, if you are asking a potential or current customer to do something on your main site, make a landing page that specifically asks the customer to do the same thing. Soon, you'll have a ton of new landing pages that are primed and ready to convert new leads.
They increase your SEO.
If you've tried everything you can think of to increase your search engine ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but just can't seem to find very much success, try incorporating more landing pages into your website. Landing pages are a great way to boost your SEO while also increasing the lead conversion power of your site as we've already discussed. The reason why landing pages increases SEO is simple: The more search engine optimized landing pages you have, the more likely your site is to pop up on a potential customer's keyword search. In fact, this marketing report by Hubspot found that, "websites with 10-15 landing pages tend to increase conversions by 55% over business websites with less than 10 landing pages. And those with more than 40 landing pages increase conversions by over 500%."
"How do I add landing pages to my site without time and only a little money?"
I would be happy to discuss your landing page project with you! Just drop me a line for a free consultation. Combining great landing pages with a quality blog is a great way to generate a steady flow of new customers and clients! Check out this read on how to use a blog with quality content to passively convert leads.