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I love Historical and Psychological Issues .Humen is a great miracles .

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Writing Sample

Hitler Volunteers

heinrich himler sought to expand the waffen ss with Foreign military volunteers for the crusade against Bolshevism.

on 8 August 1944 Himmler authorised its Control to be transferred to the waffen ss, as was that of every other foreign

Volunteer unit of the German Army . the gathering for volunteers from 30 various countries broght them together to 

volunteer their lives i believe these forces were a regular men but were a Liberal and Anti-communist for Freedom and 

Independent Europea from communism Colonel Leon Degrell was a Belgian Politician .

in 1941 started as a Soldier in Wehrmacht and Fought Red Army with SS Division Wallonien Uniform Really he was a 

Uniqe Hero for Europea. i Believe the Trust is a Great Treasure .


Armenian Volunteers

The Armenian who defeated the 1920 and rufugees to the unitedstates and other Countries gathered to create the Armenian Legion.

the east Armenian legion with Commended by Drastamat kanayan the Armenian Red Army Surrended to the Germans force he 

organised these men in the Armenian legion the number of Armenian Serving nazi germany was 21000 with 14000 in combat

troops in non-war Areas include doctors and nurce and Logistics.Most of the members of the legion were killed during the

defence of the french city of toulon and the rest of the surrendered to the western allies.who were subsequently return to the

Soviet union and expelled to forced labor cames in Sibera Golak and offen Died in those camps .


Azerbijan Volunteers


Soviet defeat and gaining independence for the Azerbijan.German force created the muslim legion of the Caucasus in 1941.

the Condition of going these peopel was the independence of their country and the Azerbijani prisoner who served in the soviet

union could join caucasian muslim Division in early 1942 it had 4500 volunteers in the form of 5 Battalions but increased these 

number in the end of 1942 the main activity of this legion was after the retreat from Russia in poland and the German border

in 1944 the legion was first sent to south of france and then to paris that surrended this legion by Seizure paris .In Real OATH

TO HITLER was important rule for Volunteers. and 700 Azerbijan Volunteers Particpated in the battle of Berlin .


Arab Volunteers

the Arab Volunteers was defeated during brutual battle with British Force in Iraq.the legion at the begining of the work Consisted

of Syrian and Arabs living outside the Country. and during the vast Operations of Britain and free France in the regions of Syria

and Lebanon due to distance from the regions the Axis Governer was defeated and transferred to Greece. with large number of

Arabs and non Arab Muslims Volunteers to join Arab legion.Such as 845th Battalion composed Germans and Arabs Fought

with communist partisans in Balkans.when the German Army evacuated southern Greece in October 1944, and retreated

northward through the Balkans .the 845th German-Arab Battalion usual delayed by air raids and partisans. throughout

the withdrawal the Arabs gave a good account of themselves.toward the end of November , the 1st company, 845th German

Arab battalion attacked Hill 734 at Uzice four times in succession despite the bitter cold and the deep snow.

A fifth attack was Successful .


Alabanian Volunteers

1st ss Mountain Division was a infantry division of the waffen ss against Yugoslav partisans in eastern Bosnia as a part of the

13th waffen mountain Handscar Composed of Albanians with Germans in February 1944 Hitler approved the creation of an 

Albanian waffen ss division that was to serve only inside Kosovo in march 1944 organization created after the italian 

Surrender to advance the interests of Kosovo Albanias Propsed to Hitler that a forces of 120000 - 150000 kosovo Albanian

Volunteers beraised to fight the Yugoslav and Albanian partisans. pejani asked the german leadership to give the Alabanian

equipment and supplies to fight the communist insurgency and Rquested the wxpansion of the borders of the German Puppet

state of Albana at the extense of the german ocupied teritory of serbia and the german occupied terrtory of Montenegro 

this request werenot fulfilled.but 50000 ethic Albanians could be recruited to join the waffen ss Himler saw the Muslim Albanians

as a Potential Source of manpower in Germany war against the Yogoslav partisans.


Muslim Volunteers 

Composed of Bosnian Muslims with some catholic croat soldiers and German and Yugoslav Officers and non-commissioned Officers

it took an OATH TO BOTH ADOLF HITLER and the Croation leader Ante Paveli was a Mountain infantry division of the waffen ss

in Real along with the laws and violence against serbs prijend 23 sep 1941/ Sarajevo 12 oct / mostar 21 oct / Banja luka 12 NOv /

BijGlinja 2 Dec / Tuzla 11 Dec resplutions in various cities and towns / the resolutions condemend the ustase in Bosnia and

Herzgovina Muslim leadership Amin al -Hussini resident in Berlin assist in Organsing and recruiting Muslims into the waffen ss

and other unit. in OPeration wegweiser from 9 - 12 march 1944 was clear part of Symia region which was occupied by partisans 

who threatend the Zagreb - Belgrad railway partisans Suffered 573 killed and 82 captured .the Operation was a succession

Clearing the Bosut Forest .



11th ss Volunteers panzer grendier division in Real in Feb 1943 Hitler Ordered the Creation of a SS Division which would be 

Officeed by Foreign Volunteers. in 1944 Nordland arrived at the front near leningrad a was put into action against the Soviet 

Red Army Attacks aimed at breaking the German circlement of the city the red army forced Nordland to withdraw to oranienbaum

on 14 jan 1944 the Soviet kranoyeselo-Ropsha offensive Succeeded in german front kingisepp-Gdov offensive collapsing.

pushed the german force to the city of Narva in Northestern Estonia to a new defensive line .27 july fought in the battle of 

tannwnberg line . from october to December 1944 nordland remained in the pocket by early December divisional strengeth 

was down to 9000 men . the division was ordered to the baltic port of libau where it was evacuated by sea. on 16 April ,

the division was ordered to defend Berlin from 17 to 20 April, the division was involved in combat all along its front and then 

retreated into the city on 24 April the main Soviet Army assault was towards the treptow park area, which the rest of the

pioneer battalion and the remaining Tiger tanks of a panzer battalion were defending. led the few tanks and armoured vehicles

in a Counterattack and succeeded in temporarily halting the enemy advance .


French Volunteers in Defense of Berlin

estimated 7340 to 11000 men Served in the unit in 1944. By early April 1945, Krukenberg commanded only about 700 men .

organized into a single infantry regiment with two battalions 57 and 58 and one heavy support battalion without equipment 

he released about 400 men to serve in a construction battalion : the remainder numbering about 350 had chosen TO OATH TO 

HITLER on 23 April in berlin ordered krukenberg to proceed to the Capital with his men, who were Assault Battalion 

charlemagne between 320 and 330 French troops arrived in berlin on 24 April / on 25 April, Krukenberg was the commander of 

Berlin Defense sector C included SS Division Nordland the Frenchmen walked from west to East Berlin, to a brewery near the 

Hermannplatz. here fighting began with Hitler Youth Firing Panzerfausts at Soviet tanks belonging to Advance guards near the

Tempelhof Airport Supported by Tiger II tanks and the 11th panzer Battalion, men of Charlemagne took part in a Counterattack on

the morning of 26 April in Neuk lln Krukenberg prepared fallback Positions the French under Hauptsturmfuhrer henri Joseph Fenet 

and some attached Hitler Youth destroyed Fourteen Soviet tanks .one machine gun position by the Halensee bridge held up 

Soviet forces for 48 hours.


Turkistan Volunteers

in 1941 it was only one Battalion but in 1943 it increased to 16 Battalions of 16000 turkish troops the number of this division were

mostly from Central Asia . Turks who had been captured by the germans and the Nazis Promised them that if they Conquered 

the Soviet union the Central Asia will be an Independent state.many members of the army saw the Communist Russians in Fields .

So their Struggle with the Soviet Union.was kind of Islamic Jihad.the Other Contradiction was the race.the Turks were of Yellow 

race and the Slavic Russians in addition to the fact that the Turkish Population was more than the Russians hence the russians 

domination of the entire. union was cohesidered a king of racial Discrimination and considered the case unfair. Getting .

rid of the russians was Considered the general independence of Central Asia. Major Area of Activity of Turkistan Legion were 

in Poland-France and Northern italy Against Partisans.


Kazkh Volunteers

the first kazakh division was created in April 1943 by Wehrmacht. along with these who field to red army and surrended to

germans as well as a number of Kazakh Prisioners of Kazakh lived along the River Don was very high. Followed the necessary 

training of the kazakh division to protect the Area behind the 2th armored army and also to protect this Area sent to Croatia.

the First clash tookplace on Oct 12 1943 in the region of the Gura Mountains with the Yugoslav Partisans where the Kazakh force .

could defeat partisans with 15 tank and one Armored Vehicle and Seizure the Partisans base After the Conflict the Kazakh force

were assigned to Protect the Zagreb-Belgrade railway and then to protect the Valleys around the Sarajevo .the Kazakh division 

showed good performance against the partisans and managed to clash them and manage to protect the Sarajevo railway line

the first battle with the Russians took place in 1944 which was followed by the victory of Kazakh Force .and joined the 

waffen ss in jan 1945 and the division number was 13000 Kazakh and 4500 German.


French NSKK

NSKK began shortly after the german occupation of France in 1940 recognized until july 1942 the main office was in paris by the

end of 1942 there was one Company of 200 men.the Orginal unit was officially known as NSKK Gruppe Luftwaffe and a Second one

was known as NSKK Transporgruppe todt before the SS began to Openly recruit members into the Waffen ss Frenchmen used the

NSKK as a back-door to get into the waffen SS to fight on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union.some French NSKk men were 

sent to the Eastern front in a group known as NSKK Einsatzgruppe Russland. and Operation in Hungary : the air attacks of the

Allied air forces prevent the Movement of the French troops,because their actions destroy a large part of the German railway 

infrastructer, cause turbulence in traffic and kill some members of the french battalion north of Lake Balaton .

where a soviet unit surprises the french solders and inflicts severe losses on a short and hard clash.After this action gone wrong,

the french Contingent is withdrawn behind.the front to reorganization. the members of the detachment have to serve as tank

derstroyers . equipped with grenade launchers the new formation does not participate only once in Operation when it is forced

to fight against Soviet tanks in late April west of Balaton during the general decline  to open a path toward Austria. during this

action the French destroy two tanks the Soviets retreat and the Survivors of this Campaign can Continue the retreat westward

overnight .



it was recruited from Foreign Volunteers in Denmark - Norway-Sweden- Finland - Estonia- Netherland- Belgium under the 

Command of German Offices . Netherland -Belgium under the Command of German Officers.Division Served on the Easrern front.

Division fought for bridgehead across the Dniper River later in heavy fighting for Rostor - on Don Before retreat to the Mius River 

line in November in Summer 1942 aimed at Capture Stalingrad.and the baku Oilfield in the late 1942 aimed to Capture the city

of Grozny the division captured Malgobek on 6 Oct but Seizing Grozny and opening a road to the caspian sea was not acheved.

the division escaped through the rostov gap on 4 Feb in early 1943 the division fell back to Kharkov battle of the korson-chekassy

in jan 1943 over 60000 soldiers include were trapped along the Dniper River. in a brutual SS Wiking Suffered heavy Casualties 

and loss all heavy equipment. in 13 Feb 1945 the division was ordered. was to Oilfield at Lake Balaton but the failture of the

Operation wiking retreated into Czechoslovakia .


Indian Volunteers

indian independence leader Subhas chandra Bose initated the legion formation as part of his efforts to win india independence

by waging war against Britain.when he came to berlin in 1941 seeking German aid.the initial recruits in 1941 werevolunteers 

from the Indian Prisoners of war who had been Captured during the North Africa Campaign. it would later draw a larger number

of Indian prisoners of war as Volunteers the first troops of the indian legion were recruited from indian POWs captured at El Mekili

Libya during the battle for Tobruk.The German Forces in the western Desert Selected a core group of POWs as potential and they

were flown to berlin in May 1941 POWs being tranferred from the italian forces to Germany The number of POWs transferred

to Germany grew to about 1000 who were eventually housed at Annaburg camp where Bose first meet with them . there were

about 15000 indian POWs in Europe the legion was stationed in the Lacanau near Bordeaux at the time of the Normandy 

landings. the majority of the troops of the indian legion were in the Netherland and at defending the Atlantic wall in France.

they saw in the retreat from the allied advance across france fighting mostly against the french Resistance . the 9th Company

of the legion from the 2nd Battalion also saw action in italy having been deployed in the spring of 1944 it faced the British VCorps 

and the Polish II Corps before it was withdrawn from the front to be used in anti - partisans. it surrendered to the Allied Forces in 

April 1945 .


Spanish Volunteers

caudillo Francisco franco didnot Officially bring spain into war but he permitted volunteers to join to wrhrmacht on the condition 

they would only fight against the Soviet Union on the Eastern front and not against the western Allies. on july 13 ,1941 the

first train left Madird for Reichland Bavaria for further five weeks of training  250th infantry division as in a standard spanish

division on 31 july after taking OATH TO HITLER they were to be fighting to Army Group Center,force advancing towards Moscow

the Blue Division Faced a major soviet attempt to break the siege of Leningrad in February 1943 when the 55th Army of the Soviet

forces attacked the spanish positions at the Battle of Krasny Bor near the Main Moscow-Leningrad road. Despite very heavy 

casualties ,the spaniards were able to hold their ground against a Russian force seven times larger and supported by tanks

the Assault was contained and the siege of Leningrad was maintained for a year the Division remained on the leningrad front 

where it continued to suffer heavy Casualties due to weather and to enemy action .


Estonian Volunteers

20th ss Division was Formed in January via General Conscription from cadre/Frewilligen Brigade futher troops from the Ost 

Battalion and 287th police Fusilier Battalion and returned Estonian volunteers of the Finnish army unit 200.A few the Soviet

kingisepp-Gdov Offensive the division was ordered to be placed on the Nevel front and transported to Narva front to Defend

Estonia on 8 February 1944 the division was attached to Germanic panzer Corps then defending the Narva Bridgehead the

division to replace the remnants of the 9th and 10th Luftwaffe Field Division.which were struggle to hold line against a soviet 

bridgehead of the town of nine days of heavy Fighting the division pushed the soviet back across the river .and 

restore the line the division remained stationed in the siivertsi Auvere Sectors being engaged in heavy combat by spring 1944

approximately 32000 men were drafted into the German Force .


Galician Volunteers

military volunteers Ukrainian from the Aera of Galica later with some Slovaks and Czechs Formed In 1943 , it was largely destroyed

in the battle of Brody , reformed and saw action in Slovakia Yugoslavia. the idea to organize a division of volunteers from Galica 

was proposed by the german governor of district Galica,Dr. Otto von Wachter He suggested creation of a waffen-ss division  

composed of Galican volunteers and designed for regular combat on the Eastern Front .in mid-February 1944, the division received 

an order to form a battle group known as SS Kampfgruppe Beyersdorff for action against Soviet and polish Partisans .

in july the division was sent to the area of Brody,where heavy combat was under way, and was attached to the 13th Army Corps .

together with six under-strength German infantry divisions,the Galica Division was responsible for holding a frontage of 

approximately 80 kilometers .on 15 july,the Galica Division bore the brunt of a fierce assault by the Soviet Second Air Army,

who in only a five-hour period flew 3288 aircraft Sorties and droped 102 tons of bombs on them as they attempted a 

counterattack. on 18 july forces consisting of over 30000 Herman and Ukrainian soldiers was Surrounded by the Soviet 

within the Brodly Pocket .


Finnish Volunteers

Finnish Volunteers and fought on the Eastern front as part of the SS Division Wikking the Finnish government recruited men

for service with the waffen ss for a two-year term in early 1941 this delayed their arrival until May and the roughly 400 men

who had military experience in the winter war were sent to the ss division wiking the inexperienced volunteers were held back

for training and were formed into the SS volunteer Battalion Northeast ( motorized ) on 1 june. by the end of the month .

the battalion had about 1000 men. it was renamed the finnish Volunteer Battalion of the waffen-SS on 13 September and additional

volunteers arrived over the next several months to bring its strength up to around 1180 men the unit was sent to the front at the

begining of January 1942 where it was attached to the SS-REgment Nordland of the SS Division Wiking serving as its thired 

battalion participated in the battle of Caucasus in mid- 1942 and the subsequent third battle of Kharkov in early 1943 .

 the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the waffen ss.1408 men served in the battalion during its existence. the unit lost 255

men killed in action 686 wounded and 14 missing during its service .


Flemish Volunteers

the flemish volunteers was Dutch speaking volunteers german occupied Belgium notably Flanders Battle around Leningrad by

September 1941 the formation was the size of a Reinforced Infantry battalion and had Five Motorized Companies .

its strength was 1100 men of who 1000 were Flemings include 4 Officer on 10 november 1941 the volunteers was orderd to the 

front near Novgorod.the Arriving at the front late in November. the Flandern thrown into combat in the Volkhov region attempting

to halt the soviet attack in heavy fighting proved itself capable in combat and excuted a fighting withdraw to the Volkhov Riverline

on  13 january 1942 the soviet lanched an Offensive aimed at the relief of leningrad. the Flandern found itself in soviet line of

Advance and saw heavy defensive fight against relentless Attacks. in December 1943 the total was 2022 men .in july 1943 as a

part of Army Group south sent to Ukraine had a heavy defensive battle in Kiev and Zhitomir in january 1944 near Zhitomir , they

fought their way out of the Kessel ( Cauldron ) Suffering heavy casualties and losing the Majority of their heavy equipment and 

vehicles .by early March, the brigade reduced to 400 men. At the end of April Flemish Volunteers was Ordered back to Bohemia

for Reforming .


Totenkpof Volunteers

Death Head Division . was formed in October 1939 a total of 6500 men. was initially formed from concentration camp guards the

division was committed on 16 May to the front in Belgium .when it suffered heavy Casualties. later to the northeast of Cambrai .

the division took 16000 French Prisoners.whilst subsequently trying to drive through to the Coast totenkpof was involved in the

battle of Arras. on 21 May units of the 1st Army tank Brigade, supported by the 50th infantry division .overran totenkpof positions,

their standard anti-tank gun, the 3.7cm Pak 36,being no match for the British Matilda tank totenkpof had suffered heavy losses 

during the campaign.including over 300 Officers . in july 1941 had breached the Stalin line the division then advanced past 

Demyansk to Leningrad where it was involved in heavy fighting in August At Demyansk about 80 % of its men were killed as the

Deemyansk pocket. During the fighting in the pocket. the division, as a part of SS Paul Hausser II SS Panzer Corps .took part 

in the third battle of kharkov, blunting the soviet offensive. During this Campaign. Theodor Eicke was killed when his spotter 

aircraft was shot down. in operation Citadel, the offensive aimed at reduceing the Kursk salient it was during February 1943

received a company of Tiger I Heavy Tanks .