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Well using a mail service cannot be much of a problem in many cases, but there are times when a user can get stuck with a problem for a day or more. To minimize such a situation, we are here to provide users with some of the issues which we may encounter while using Bigpond. In the list given below, a list of a solution to the issue is provided. We do also offer additional support for the required users.
• In case of users not able to send or receive emails must check for the server settings, if something has been changed such issues do occur.
• If users are not able to login to their account, the most common reason is due to the Forgetting password.
• To login in, users will have to reset their accounts passwords.
• Another case where users cannot receive emails is due to the space storage in the account. Users will have to delete unnecessary emails to spare some space.
If users are facing other problems, then complete solutions can be received from Customer Care.

More Info: https://www.bigpondonlineservice.com/

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