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Manoj Sheopori
New Delhi --110014
Email: ---- //
Mobile: ----9910408964/9904670922

Technical Degree---- B.Text (tech) –Mumbai University
Marketing--- Post Graduate --- MBA - Mumbai University
Orientation --- U.K and Germany


• Content writer- Technical writing, academic writing ,Issue based articles [ social, national and global issues ], SOP ,expository, lifestyle, generic form of writing, descriptive and narrative style, text editing and proof reading
• Microsoft data analyst, marketing strategist, digital marketing
• Textile Assessor/Advisor/consultant & Coordinator

Previous assignments
1. Vice president /UNIT head --India Shubhalakshmi Polyester pvt. Ltd. & Amit textiles pvt. Ltd.
2. General manager & Unit head
1] Hantex public co ltd-Thailand (PCL)
2] Thailon 66 -- a multinational company in Thailand (PCL)

Total 34 years working experience in India and abroad

[A] Content writing (creative and articles)
Academic writing and issue based articles (global, national and family issues], technical writing, marketing strategies, marketing research and new product launching, internet marketing, Generic form of writing .
Styles of writing
Informative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, advisory, statement of purpose, narrative, business letters, speech and technical writing (memos, office work reports or staff progress reports and resumes),academic writing and social issues covering both national and Global issues .
Other specialties

• Excellent command over the English language (top grade grammar and vocabulary) with fluency in other languages as well [Convent educated ]
• Computer savvy with a good grasp of things and markets

[B ] Microsoft Excel sheet /managing and analyzing data
• All types of Data entry work related to EXCEL Microsoft involving financial, mathematical, text, logical & look up reference plus drop downs.
• Custom & conditional formatting, what if analysis –By using (Goal seek, scenario manager) and solver methods.
• Statistical analysis using Pivot table charts, Step charts, dynamic --- (Error bars, Line charts, clustered and scattered charts).

[C] Commercial Proficiency:.

• Developing Overseas Markets / niche products & resourcing potential customers for exports
• Polyester and Nylon yarn sales -POY, FDY, Textured (DTY) Dyed & raw white, Space dyed yarns,
fancy yarns .metallic yarns and specialty yarns and knitted fabrics.
• Turn key projects from inception to production stage and preparing viable project reports
• Cost evaluation & controls & ABC (activity based costing -real time product cost) and devising
ways and means to cut costs at all stages of process without sacrificing quality.
• 5-S and ISO systems & trouble shooting using SWOT analysis
• Green field and brown field projects in spinning/texturising, draw twisting, knitting & weaving plants
• Developing a satisfied customer base
• Improvising logistics and quality and building up a satisfied customer base

LINKS—Https//; , maanojs@linkedin .com


EDUCATION:  B.textTech) and MMM from Institutes of engineering and management BLOG:  Manoj Sheopori
CERTIFICATIONS:  Post graduate in Marketing Management CURRICULUM VITAE:  Must be logged in to view


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Writing Sample

Writing sample 1

SAMPLE ONLY {A small part of the article}

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Writer:         Manoj Sheopori

User Name:   MSheopori


Child trafficking


“Humanity Lost”—Sordid tales that narrate the most inhuman and sadistic ways of treating a child trafficked by the perpetrators so that they ever live in fear of their abductors.

“Murder of innocence” case when the trafficked child is sexually exploited or used as an earning tool in the vast thriving and ever expanding sex industry through use of force, coercion ,threats and  every wicked means of  subjugation ,mental and physical torture, humiliation and compelling them  to live a life of shame and disgust.

“Life corrupted” – some trafficked children are trained to be professional killers, kidnappers, smugglers or drug peddlers and make money for their handlers or mafias and the gangs


Human trafficking can be simply defined as the recruitment, transportation, delivery  and harboring persons against their free will by employing  coercive and deceptive methods for the  purpose of exploitation and turning them into goods to be traded as  commodities  within and across national borders often involving a group of middle men  belonging to specialized gangs  having strong nexus with mafias , the underworld and the police who call the shots in terms of price and their safe  place of delivery for the humans being  trafficked depending on their age, sex and status and over all looks .

It is almost akin to slavery in which people are deprived of their liberties and treated as a source to earn money and can be termed as a cruel and dastardly act of violence perpetrated on the unwary , innocent and the culpable by the wily and the corrupt

Trafficking is a matter of global concern especially in countries where it is most predominant and is ever on the rise increasing almost exponentially being a very lucrative business of the underworld …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Writing Sample 2


SAMPLE ONLY {A small part of the article}


[ Not to be reproduced  or published]

Writer:         Manoj Sheopori

User Name:   MSheopori

Women empowerment

Ages ago and time immemorial women have been at the sole mercy of patriarch society mindset, suppressed  and looked upon as second class citizens, denied decent work and a respectable place in society ,treated more as a tool to procreate and cook food and attend to family and  nurture, look after the kids, attend to daily household chores and most importantly  keep the husband happy and content  whenever required by him ,she  has  never been treated as an equal or as a companion but always as subservient to him and to the elders in the family and ever be prompt at their  behest and calling ,ready to dance to his/their whims and fancies when called upon to do so  , worse even looked upon as an object of entertainment to  satisfy the husbands appetite for sex or pleasure. even there are cases when she has been sold as sex slave, pushed in flesh trade, harassed for sexual favors by the husband’s boss (with full connivance and agreement of the husband) in order to gain easy access to job promotions or to sometimes tag around him as an arm candy to bolster his image as a good exemplary spouse especially during family gatherings or at some official functions.

It goes without saying that over the years some changes in this dismal  patterns are visible for the better and the situations could be seen as improving, but alas all is at a snail pace  leaving a lot to be desired especially in the under developed societies and nations for example – countries like India Pakistan ,Afghanistan ,Nepal, Namibia and some parts of Africa, while in the developed nations things have improved drastically but still we hear  of men trying to bully or dominate women by the use of their male stature /alpha positions  ,however situation in developed nations is far and better and there is virtually no comparison with the dismal situation prevailing at present in the so called developing and underdeveloped nations in Asia and Africa .

As per the world bank estimates and figures --Women contributes nearly 60 % of the world working hours but sadly forms only 10 % of the world economy mainly due to wage disparity considering women produce 50 % of the world’s food but share only 1 % of it’s wealth and of the 900 millions individuals world wide who are totally illiterate, women constitutes a whopping two thirds

What is women empowerment ?

Empowerment in its simplest form can be termed as a process of transformation of power dynamics by which the oppressed person can exercise some control over their lives and take part in issues which affect them directly, it is in fact the restructuring and balancing the ideology of male dominance and the  exerted superiority over women and trying to challenge the basic gender discrimination and changing their mind sets and opinion about women well defines women empowerment.

It can be defined:-

1] As the right to have and determine choices

2] Right to have access to available opportunity and recourses

3] Right to have power to shape their lives, Destiny and their future by themselves

4] Power, ability and to be able to influence the direction of social change and create a more --just and social economic order

Age old traditional concepts

As Kofi Anan puts it –>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>