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I am an author, a mother of two adult daughters, a grandmother of an almost-two-year-old grandson, and one grandson due for arrival by the end of October. My writing experience spans a lifetime of writing essays during the rigorous demands of high school and then community college. I have written many letters, all carefully researched and attention to grammar foremost, my responsibility. I returned to college and graduated with a BA degree with an emphasis in Sociology when I hit my 50th birthday. I am writing a novel. I write poetry. I am a person who enjoys researching information and summarizing information.

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Writing Sample

It's almost the end of August, a time when changes are inevitable. Schools open again after a summer break, school bus drivers have a day job, colleges are giving their upcoming freshmen 'real talk.' Professors have unique tasks, of turning young lives around. They question, "Can I alter the syllabus just a little bit to attract their young minds?" 

The weather is not quite as hot. Those prickly sweat beads are replaced by chill. Rain is no longer used for watering burned lawns, it's purpose has changed. To spread the word: Fall is in the air, "there's proof." 

Shopping shelves have been replaced from the shortest, khakiest shoets and tiniest, wackiest tank tops to more material 'clothing,' jackets of every possible creation imaginable and in every possible color. You are better off not trying to figure out the color name of the basic red jacket you're holding up to show your bestie, "who is in charge of approval."  The red coloring scale is no longer one color but a length of a yard stick from a very pale red, with a splash of white, "It seems?" The red continues to become broader, louder with each passing millimeter. 

Well "Have you heard, backlash red is out?" A new 'lusciously awesome red' is in. And, as expected since before you were born, "Fall brings a loss of bright green tree leaves and a time change."  You'll lse an hour, that isn't too bad cause in the Spring it's payback time, a but of quid pro quo, "if you will." 

Enjoy the weather; your new fall purchases will look stylish while walking your kindergartner to their first year of school. A rain coat is perfect for the tears you'll be concealing from your hooded rubbery coated jacket. And, just think, "next year won't be as bad." School will have a new meaning: "Breaktime."