Suggested price:   9¢ to 12¢ per word
Location:  Sacramento
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I have a passion for good content and a love for content marketing, digital marketing, and social media strategy. I study buyer psychology for fun and enjoy paving the way for the buyer's journey to stop at your door.

I specialize in blogging, website copy, article documents both print and for the web. My content is well researched and tailored to your website or blog.
My favorite topics are psychology, social issues, relationship, parenting, addiction and recovery and all subtopics. I also write about marketing, leadership, and the workplace environment.

I'm fluent in Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Snapchat, and Instagram.

I’m versatile, adaptable, and easy to work with. My skills include:

- Editing
- Blogging
- Marketing content creator
- Researcher
- Tailored web content
- Social Media content creator
- etc....

I’ve worked to help start up brands expand their business reach by posting informative social media content and interesting blog posts. I also research and write relevant website content for companies to help build their business.
I have a friendly informative tone that is adaptable based on the project.
I am a delight to work with, open to all feedback, and I have a great sense of humor. Not much more you could ask for in a professional freelance writer.

EDUCATION:  MSW from California State University, Sacramento BLOG:  The Write Creation
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