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I love to write and do research and am able to work up to 16 hours a day. I complete my tasks in an accurate and timely manner.

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Writing Sample

This is a post from my blog as I do not have any other writing samples at the moment.

If you ever feel like suicide or self harming please reach out, here is a number and a website to help you.


Number is: 1-800-273-8255

Website is: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/


I will post signs/symptoms for spotting someone who self harms later today, please stay tuned.


First let's look at the meaning of "Self-Harming".  Self harming is where you intentionally cause yourself to bleed, bruise, or health issues.  Self harming can be done in MANY ways such as cutting your skin, having multiple sex partners and not using protection, alcoholism, and drug abuse.  Now alcoholism and drug abuse are considered self harm and also not self harm depending on the person and situation.  Self harm alcoholism is where you drink excessively every day to the point of passing out drunk after a few hours of drinking.  Plain alcoholism is where someone drinks only a few drinks throughout the day and can still stand and take care of themselves.  Self harm drug abuse is also very different from basic drug abuse.  Self harm drug abuse is where a person uses drugs excessively to try to kill themselves by overdosing on drugs because they do not care whether they live or die.  Plain drug abuse is using street or prescription drugs to relieve pain, stress, or forget about your problems.  Plain drug abuse is very looked down upon in our generation because so many people truly do abuse drugs.  Mind you I am actually against all street drugs except marijuana.


Having multiple sex partners without protection is a form of self harm because there are so many diseases you can catch that can kill you (slowly) or you could end up pregnant multiple times and not be able to take care of the kids.  Psychiatrists see it as self harm.  Now to do a little clearing up on this subject as some people have multiple partners.  Now what I mean by multiple partners is having sex with as many as 10 people in one day and no less than 5 people in one day.  Most people only have one or two sexual partners in one day if they are like that but to be excessive in multiple partners is self harm.


Now cutting is a form of self harm I am VERY familiar with and can talk a great deal about and is the most important I want to talk about today.  For anyone who self harms there are many different reasons on why they do it.  For example; someone would cut because they do not know how to deal with the pain.  Or they are trying to die but do not know the correct way to do it (no I am not saying the correct way and it usually is only in young ones that do not know the correct way).  Or someone else is hurting them and so for them to deal with that pain they cause themselves pain.  Now in my personal experience (yes I am a retired cutter) I always cut to numb the heartbreak and sadness that I did not know how to deal with.  I have scars up and down my body; not excessively like some people because I always used to cut the same spot over and over and over.  One time my cutting got to the point to where I carved a mans initials into my thigh.  And I have to see that every day and the scars from cutting and instead of letting it make me want to cut again it makes me realize just how strong I truly am.  If I can cut myself and make it through all the stuff I have gone through in my life and stop cutting for my children than I can make it through anything.  Now instead of cutting I either draw, write poetry, or even keep a journal (yes I know a 31 year old keeping a journal seems silly) but it is NOT sill.  If it helps you to deal with the pain and stress without self harming then do it!!!!!!!  I do not judge anyone who self harms nor will I ever judge them but I do stand up and say NO ONE SHOULD EVER SELF HARM!!!!!!!  You need to find a way to turn that pain and stress into love for yourself.  Because self harm is not just about taking away the pain and stress it also stems for having hatred towards yourself and not loving yourself like you should have been taught to do.  No I am not putting the blame on the parents because it is not always the parents fault.  Sometimes it is actually a bully's fault for causing those thoughts and feelings.  When a person, regardless of age, is bullied for so long their brain starts to think that the bully is correct and start to feel the same way about themselves that the bully is saying.  Yes I was bullied in school but I was also bullied at home as well.  My adopted mom's favorite saying to me in a very negative hateful tone "You are just like your mother!" or "Why can't you be just like your sister?" along with the physical abuse and the constant name calling.  A bully does NOT have to put their hands on you to be considered a bully.


When you cut you will always be left with scars from when you cut.  And just like the picture above says, "as scars heal they are a reminder that things do get better."  So even though right now you feel that things will not ever get better they truly will eventually get better so please hold your head up high, love yourself, and remember that someone out there does truly love you.  And also remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!!!  Reach out ask for help, if you are like me with parents that do not believe in mental health then go to a teacher or another trusted adult so they can get you help.  EVERYONE deserves to live a healthy happy life but only you can make the decision to stop self harming and turn that around into showing others love, life, happiness, and compassion.  Only you can turn into the complete opposite of who is harming you and causing you to self harm.  Sometimes there is no one causing you to self harm and that is when you need to seek help the MOST.  Depression is a VERY serious mental health issue and claims many lives throughout a year please do NOT be a statistic, stand out and stand up!!!!!  I will gladly stand up with you, I may not be able to in person but know that I will stand up with you in every other way I can