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SEO certified online content marketing writer with almost 10 years of experience available for freelance projects. Whatever type of online content you need, I can provide it. This includes in-depth articles, blog posts, home pages, about us pages, service pages, press releases, frequently asked questions pages, and business profiles. I also have significant experience writing social media posts for clients.

I am a versatile content writer who can match my writing to the style and tone that you request. This is a challenge I enjoy. Whether your material requires a corporate, casual, or humorous voice, I can provide it. I have strong research skills and can write on virtually any topic, with the possible exception of material that is highly technical or scientific.

In June 2015, I earned my SEO Copywriting Certification from the SEO Content Institute. This course taught me the importance of conducting research on the client, industry, and competition prior to starting my writing. Other key features included creating a customer persona, writing a benefit statement, understanding the buy cycle, and learning about key phrase research.

I truly enjoy the Content Runner platform and am always looking to establish long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with the site's clients. The following feedback is from clients I have completed extensive work with through Content Runner:

1. "I've found, quite possibly, the most impressive content writer I've had the fortune of working with in 10-12 years. Through this service, and on the direction of one of your associates from Content Runner, I got connected with Lisa Kroulik. She has not only exceeded my initial expectations but displayed the type of professionalism and ethics that I've been at a loss to find."

2. "I have been working with Lisa for several months now and am very pleased to have found a professional, friendly, and willing writer like her. The company I work for offers marketing services and we are always in need of informative and well-written content for our client's websites. Lisa has been consistently delivering exactly what we ask for no matter how difficult the research and writing assignment may be.

Apart from her very accomplished writing abilities, Lisa's timeliness is second to none and has been a huge asset to our relationship. If you are interested in a freelance writer that is able to deliver content ahead of schedule that exceeds expectations, look no further."

The following are my greatest areas of expertise:

Adult Continuing Education/Online Degrees
Business Topic Blogs
Business Finance (factoring, start-ups, taxes, loans, credit)
Business Profiles
Health Issues, with a strong emphasis on holistic healthcare
Insurance (auto, business, dental, health, life)
Legal (personal injury, bankruptcy, family law)
Pet Care


SEO Copywriting Certification, 2015. View course syllabus here:

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota

When you need engaging copy to increase your conversions, call on me. I love what I do and look forward to working with you.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus BLOG:  None provided
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Writing Sample

Understanding Norovirus


When you have norovirus infection, you will experience severe and sudden vomiting and diarrhea. This is a highly contagious illness. In most cases, your symptoms will start within 12 to 48 hours after exposure to the virus. Norovirus infection spreads fastest in closed environments with many people present. Common examples include schools, daycare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and cruise ships. Most people with this virus recover without treatment. However, infants and older people face a greater risk of dehydration. This always requires treatment from a doctor.

Other Symptoms Associated with Norovirus infection

It’s possible for people with this illness to show no signs of symptoms. However, most do display abdominal cramping, fever, muscle pain, or nausea in addition to the main symptoms. You can still be contagious to others even if you don’t have any symptoms yourself. Additionally, it can remain in your body for several weeks to months. It will stay longer if you have other health problems. The main way that people shed the virus is through their feces.

Risk Factors, Causes, and Prevention Strategies

Eating food in a restaurant that doesn’t follow proper sanitary guidelines is a major risk factor for norovirus infection. You can also get it by coming into direct contact with a person who already has it. Consuming contaminated food and water introduces the virus into your body. This can also happen when you touch a contaminated surface with your hand and then bring your hand to your mouth.

You can prevent norovirus infection and avoid spreading it to others by following some simple strategies. These include:

  • Stay home from work and don’t travel until you no longer have symptoms.
  • Keep children home from school until they’re symptom-free.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly. This is especially important after changing a diaper or using the toilet yourself.
  • Use a chlorine bleach solution to disinfect any contaminated area. Be sure to wear gloves when you do this.
  • Avoid eating food or drinking from a glass handled by someone who is sick.
  • Make sure you cook seafood thoroughly before eating it.
  • Always wash fruits and vegetables before biting into them.
  • Clean up any feces or vomit right away. This prevents the virus from becoming airborne.

Possible Complications of Norovirus Infection

This illness is most common among children and the elderly. One reason for this is that they spend more time in close quarters with many people in childcare centers or nursing homes. Another consideration is that children can have underdeveloped immune systems while older people may have compromised immune systems. A person with norovirus infection can have greater complications when subject to these conditions. Severe malnutrition and dehydration are common. Unfortunately, this virus can even cause death among vulnerable people.

It’s important for caretakers of children and the elderly to know the signs of norovirus complications. These include:

  • Decreased output of urine
  • Dizziness
  • Dry throat and mouth
  • Fatigue
  • General listlessness

Be sure to call your loved one’s doctor right away if you notice any of these symptoms. Untreated dehydration can cause serious problems. The most common ones include seizures, heatstroke, hypovolemic shock, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections. Malnutrition can cause long-term poor health and increase the possibility of developing a serious or chronic condition.

Typical Treatments for Dehydration

The treatment a doctor recommends depends on the severity of the dehydration. Some patients can find relief at home. This typically involves increasing fluid intake and adding beverages that promote electrolyte balance.

Patients who become moderately to severely dehydrated due to norovirus infection usually require hospitalization. They will receive fluids and electrolytes through an IV line in their arm. Some may need dialysis as well. If the primary symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting haven’t stopped, the doctor will prescribe medication for that.

It’s essential to follow the doctor’s recommendations and take medication as directed. This will speed up the healing process. It will also reduce the risk of norovirus infection coming back.

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