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SEO certified online content writer with over six years of full-time experience available for freelance projects. Whatever type of online content you need, I can provide it. This includes in-depth articles, blog posts, home pages, about us pages, service pages, press releases, frequently asked questions pages, and business profiles. I also have significant experience writing social media posts for clients.

I am a versatile content writer who can match my writing to the style and tone that you request. This is a challenge I enjoy. Whether your material requires a corporate, casual, or humorous voice, I can provide it. I have strong research skills and can write on virtually any topic, with the possible exception of material that is highly technical or scientific.

In June 2015, I earned my SEO Copywriting Certification from the SEO Content Institute.This course taught me the importance of conducting research on the client, industry, and competition prior to starting my writing. Other key features included creating a customer persona, writing a benefit statement, understanding the buy cycle, and learning about keyphrase research.

I truly enjoy the Content Runner platform and am always looking to establish long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with the site's clients.You are welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile and connect with me there. The following feedback is from clients I have completed extensive work with through Content Runner:

1. "I've found, quite possibly, the most impressive content writer I've had the fortune of working with in 10-12 years. Through this service, and on the direction of one of your associates from Content Runner, I got connected with Lisa Kroulik. She has not only exceeded my initial expectations but displayed the type of professionalism and ethics that I've been at a loss to find."

2. "I have been working with Lisa for several months now and am very pleased to have found a professional, friendly, and willing writer like her. The company I work for offers marketing services and we are always in need of informative and well-written content for our client's websites. Lisa has been consistently delivering exactly what we ask for no matter how difficult the research and writing assignment may be.

Apart from her very accomplished writing abilities, Lisa's timeliness is second to none and has been a huge asset to our relationship. If you are interested in a freelance writer that is able to deliver content ahead of schedule that exceeds expectations, look no further."

The following are my greatest areas of expertise:

Adult Continuing Education/Online Degrees
Business Topic Blogs
Business Finance (factoring, start-ups, taxes, loans, credit)
Business Profiles
Health Issues, with a strong emphasis on holistic healthcare
Insurance (auto, business, dental, health, life)
Legal (personal injury, bankruptcy, family law)
Pet Care


SEO Copywriting Certification, 2015. View course syllabus here:

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota

I also contribute to the Content Runner blog, so you can see dozens of articles I have written there. When you need engaging copy to increase your conversions, call on me. I love what I do and look forward to working with you.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus BLOG:  Regular Contributor to Content Runner Blog
CERTIFICATIONS:  2015 SEO Copywriting Certificate CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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  • SEO (24)
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  • Music & Entertainment (3)
  • Outdoors (3)
  • Politics & Society (3)
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  • Humor (1)
  • Social Media

Writing Sample

Introduction to my eBook Where the Work Is: The Best and Worst Companies for Content Marketing Ghostwriters

Every time you visit a business website, consider that someone had to write the home page, blog posts, product descriptions, about us page, frequently asked questions, and everything else that you see. This is not something that doctors, lawyers, dentists, florists, online retailers, and other types of professionals with an online presence have the time or the skill to do on their own. That’s where content marketing ghostwriters come into play.

What is content marketing? According to that repository of online knowledge, Wikipedia, content marketing is “any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.” In everyday language, that means you’re writing something for your client that helps promote their company, product, or service in some way.

However, not all content marketing is overly promotional. Compared to when I started this career in 2011 to now in 2016, the emphasis is on informative, quality content and not the keyword-stuffed drivel I produced in the beginning. The search engines reward unique, quality content with first-page results while the low quality, overly promotional type of writing is lucky to show up in search engine results at all. Even so, many clients who request others to write online content for them still want to include key phrases and words to help people find their website.

You will become familiar with the term search engine optimization (SEO) in no time. Assume that the client you’re writing for is a veterinarian. Some of the terms he or she may request you to include in your content might be emergency veterinarian, veterinarian near me, Minneapolis cat doctor – you get the idea. One of the challenges of SEO copywriting is getting those terms to flow as naturally as possible with the rest of your writing.

A content marketing ghostwriter is a person who writes copy for the Internet without getting the credit for it. When you agree to write for a client, you are selling your work and can no longer claim it as your own. After exchanging money for the piece of writing, the client is free to do whatever he or she wishes with it. This includes making substantial changes before publishing it online as well as claiming to be the author of the piece.

If a byline is important to you, this may not be the right line of work. Over the past five years, I estimate that I have written 20,000 articles for various clients and almost none of them include my name. I am perfectly fine with that because I am looking to earn an income with my work and not make a name for myself. Other people have different goals, such as creating a portfolio of their written work. It’s important to consider your motivation before deciding to apply for freelance work as a content marketing ghostwriter.

For me personally, the benefit of working from home and being in charge of my own schedule are just as important as the income I earn. I know that many people feel the same way because I receive inquiries about how I earn money writing online at least once a week. In fact, that is what prompted me to write this eBook. I enjoy helping people find the freedom to earn an income while still having time for family and the other things in life that are important to them.

Article Reviews

Very nice! Thank you for a well written article.
Another amazing blog by Lisa!
Lisa does wonderful work! We needed something medical written in an easy-to-understand way, and she delivered perfectly! We look forward to continue to work with her.
Nice layout of article. Really easy ready and great SEO elements.
Thank you! Great job!

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