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I am an excellent writer, blogger, and editor. I am proficient in analyzing empirical data for the purpose of academic writing, blog writing (SEO), and copy writing. I have over five years experience working as a freelance writer, specializing in writing and editing

I embody a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which has contributed to my in-depth knowledge of: SEO keywords, internal links, external links, backlinks and headers. Therefore, I will expertly copywrite content that will increase web traffic, and conversions.

I am passionate about creating compelling content that marries editorial writing standards with the tastes of modern consumers. Through SEO conscious, human-centric writing, I help clients connect with their audiences and cultivate cultural capital.

Whether you're providing a service, or you're a consumer product company, I'm dedicated to learning your story and helping you share it with the world.

I am committed to accuracy, and tap into my background as a reporter to find unique sources, check facts, and ask the important questions. I abhor content milling and spinning, and believe that web copy can benefit greatly from a group of individuals striving to raise the bar.

EDUCATION:  Associates from John Jay College BLOG:  Toallsinglemoms
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