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I am currently a High School Spanish Teacher in search for new prospects. I have taught Spanish for 15 years, and while I love the language, its people, food, culture, everything, I am looking to take a break from teaching. In college I studied journalism and was attracted to the profession to satisfy my curious mind and to be able to incorporate my writing skills into my career. I have traveled extensively and therefore travel is one of my favorite writing topics. I am particularly interested in using my humor in my writing. I have dabbled in Stand Up Comedy which has inspired me to incorporate more humor in my life, including in my writing. As a foreign language teacher and journalism major, I am keen on accuracy and prose. I am also able to translate text from English to Spanish and vice versa. I can also write full articles in Spanish on a variety of topics. I am excited to finally put my writing talents to use in the professional world, build a portfolio and embark on a new career path.

EDUCATION:  BA in Journalism, BA in Spanish, MA in Teaching Spanish from University of Oregon, School for International Training BLOG:  None provided
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Writing Sample

Reno: Beyond the Green Dome by Katie Welsh

A big, green dome is the first thing that might catch your eye as you pass Reno, NV driving down the I-80.  As you draw closer,  more lights, a blur of neon pinks and yellows.  Once off the highway, you drive down Virginia street, Reno's main strip, your face now a movie screen reflecting flashing lights, you come across the "Men's Club" or the "Wild Orchid".  No, these are not male bonding or gardening clubs, respectively, if you catch my drift.  While some stereotypes of Reno still exist among the flashing lights and ringing bells of slot machine winners, there is more to Reno that many tourists blinded by dollar signs may miss.  Take MidTown: an up and coming section of Virginia street (a few blocks from Casino Central heading South) full of brew pubs, new foodie-filled restaurants and craft cocktail swanky bars.  While you may find more tawdry "clubs" on 4th Street, it is also aligned with 4-5 new breweries, like Under the Rose, a necessary stop for Reno Brew Bike, a bike mobile that tours Reno's best breweries and pubs.  A couple of blocks away, you'll find Reno's Baseball Stadium where you can watch our minor league baseball team, the Aces, play.  Want more sports action? Go back downtown to watch our minor league basketball team, the Big Horns play at The Reno Events Center.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, or shall I say, dome when it comes to uncovering all that Reno unexpectedly has to offer.


Reno: Mas alla de las luces por Katie Welsh

Un domo grande y verde es la primera cosa que el ojo ve mientras pasando Reno, NV manejando por la I-80.  Una vez que se acerca la ciudad, más luces, un borrón de rosa y amarillo neón. Ya que se baja de la carretera, siga manejando por la calle Virginia, el “strip” principal de Reno.  La cara ya una pantalla de cine reflejando las luces de parpadeo, se encuentra con el “Men’s Club” o el “Wild Orchid”.  No, estos no son clubes de hombres  ni de jardín, si me entiende.  Mientras que algunos de los estereotipos de Reno todavía existen como las luces o las campanas sonando de las máquinas de los ganadores, Reno ofrece mucho más que muchos turistas pierden, ciegos por los signos de dólar.  Por ejemplo: “Midtown”- una sección emergente de la calle Virginia (unas cuadras desde el “Casino Central” hacia el sur) lleno de cervecerías, nuevos restaurantes (de los cuales a los “foodies” les encantarían) y bares a la moda con cocteles artesanales. Puede ser que se encuentre con más “clubes” despreciables en la calle 4th, pero también incluye varias cervecerías nuevas.  Por ejemplo, hay uno que se llama “Under the Rose”, una parada necesaria para “Reno Brew Bike”, una compañía donde todos se suben una bicicleta gigante para hacer tour de los mejores bares del centro.  Unas cuadras más allá, se encuentra con el estadio de béisbol del equipo local, los Aces.  Quiere más de los deportes?  Regrese al centro donde se puede ver un partido de los “Big Horns”, el equipo local de basquetbol. La verdad, son algunas de las numerosas actividades que Reno ofrece sin esperar. Vale la pena bajar de la carretera para descubrirlas.


The Beach by Katie Welsh

         I looked down at the bulge in the crotch of my pink and grey bikini bottoms.  Luckily, kids and parents alike sharing the beach with me that day were too busy digging sand pits all the way to China to notice.  Those without kids were too intent on scorching themselves to the color of koa wood while reading the latest John Grisham legal thriller.  I glanced over at my father covered in towels despite the fact that he had found a spot in the shade. Since no one was looking, I quickly squatted back down into the shallow waves to try to get rid of my sand penis.  But as soon as I managed to get the sand out, the waves would come rushing back to make a new deposit.  I sighed in frustration, glanced at my raisin fingertips then dove back into deeper waters for the next stage of Mission Eliminate Sand Penis.  

      As soon as my head bobbed back up for air, I realized my mistake.  I had broken the number one rule of ocean safety: never turn a blind eye to the incessant, powerful Hawaiian island waves. I hadn’t even as much as glanced behind me before diving into the salty sea. Coming up, my face was sucker punched by the fierce foamy froth of the wave’s crest as I felt my legs yanked under its furl.  Suddenly, I lost all control. The wave thrashed my body like one of those used car lot dolls that dance at the whim of the wind machine below.  I felt my shoulder slam into the dense sand, then my hip.  The ocean’s bullish shove force me into a complete and perfect somersault as I struggled not to open my mouth to breathe.  No matter.  I felt the salt water rush up my nostrils in flash flood force, stinging my throat. Now I felt desperate.  “This is it,” I thought.  “This is how it ends and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

      I thought about my Dad under all of those towels, unaware that I was soon to be no more.  He will probably sleep for at least another hour before realizing anything’s wrong, I thought.  Even when he wakes up, I won’t be his first thought.  First, he’ll look for his sunscreen, the bottle with 100SPF protection, then for his diet coke, his glasses, my mom.  After his eyes adjust to his glasses, he will look at her and say: “Janice, are you ready to eat lunch soon?” “Sure,” my mom will say.  And finally, finally they will realize that I will have been violently thrown into the hard sand by mother nature’s merciless ocean.  “My Bonnie lies over the ocean…..” someone will start singing.  As I float away, my father will look frantically for the inflatable raft.  “Janice?  Did you remember to bring the air pump?”

     After what seems like the longest line at Costco, I shoot to the surface, ejected by mother nature’s boredom with me.   Coughing and sputtering, I stumble out of the waves like a drunk spring breaker, sand penis in tact seemingly bigger than ever.  I arrive at the edge of the shade under which my father continues to lie.   “I almost died!” I blurt out, pointless tears dripping down my already wet, salty face.  

     “Hmmm?” he murmurs through the towels.

     “I almost drowned! Are you sleeping?!  Wake up!” I screech.

     “No, not sleeping.  Just resting my eyes” he slurs at sloth speed.

     He slowly peeks out from under his towels squinting his blue eyes at the blinding sun.  “Pass me the sunscreen and my glasses, Kate, will you?  Where’s your mom? Janice!?”  he shouts groggily.   Finally glancing my way he says, “Hey, you might want to go back into the ocean...you know, to wash off”  I look down at my sand penis and for a moment consider throwing myself back into that violent wave that nearly took me.