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Location:  Roselle, NJ
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I'm a current blogger on fitness and weight loss. I have also recently self published books concerning weight loss. I am a competent writer with fresh and unique content.

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Writing Sample

In the city of Roselle New Jersey, there are a few memorable sights to see. To begin, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, named Abraham Clark lived in this city. The High school is named after him, and a replication of his house was built as a tourist attraction.

There is a beautiful Park in Roselle, called Warinanco Park which also inhabits part of a neighbor city called Elizabeth New Jersey. This park is adorned with absolutely stunning plants and flowers all throughout. There are many walkways with floral patterns and trees aligned that almost seems magical. Warinanco also has a large lake that is an absolutely beautiful thing to view, specifically during the summer time. The countless open fields found in Warinanco park are also a feature that distinguishes it from other county parks.

Downtown Roselle it's also an interesting sight to see. And there are a few strips of shopping centers and various stores that can be visited, either for leisure or for sightseeing. Roselle is also home of the first church to be lit with electricity by Thomas Edison. The church still stands today, and is open to any and all visitors.

Although the city of Roselle may be rather small in total area, it makes up for it in a clean environment and very interesting historical sites and views that are unique to this city only.