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HK Skaggs is a self-published author from Oklahoma who has experience writing in a number of different niches. She has provided hundreds of articles to websites all around the world to be used as web content. She has more than a dozen years' worth of experience writing creatively and is very knowledgeable in the SEO industry.

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Writing Sample

Surviving your Family

Tips to help make your family into a single cohesive unit

Families can be a crazy mess sometimes and there may be times when all we want is a little time to ourselves. However, there are some simple things that you can do that will make your family work better together and make everyone's life a little easier.

There are a number of ways that you can improve your family life on a daily basis. The first thing that you must do is to make a conscious effort to spend time with your family to begin building a strong relationship with each member. Make sure that each member of your household is able to be themselves. You should realize that every person is created differently and you should embrace the person that they are because they are special and distinctive.

Make the atmosphere in your home secure and peaceful. Fights should not be held in front of your children. Instead, take them to a private setting so that your kids will view the leaders of the household as a cohesive unit of protection and strength that they can rely on regardless of the situation. They should know that you are in it together as a family and will back each other up in any circumstance. Fighting breaks down these thoughts and may make them feel insecure about the security of your home.

Establish a rhythm or a routine. One of the first things that is told to new parents with babies is to establish a bedtime routine. This is extremely important for kids and they rely on this for comfort and security. Stick to a certain schedule for things such as dinnertime and bedtime. Although this may vary from time to time based on different activities that are going on, try to keep them as regulated as possible.

Take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Understand that how you act and react to certain situations affect the way you interact with the other members in your household. Don’t be afraid to sit yourself down and have a heart to heart about things that you need to change about yourself that can make your family work better together.

Most of us have had a conversation that goes something like this. “Every Christmas my family would…” More than likely, the person telling this story would tell it with an air of pride. Traditions and rituals are an part of determining the answer to the question what is a family. These are the things that your kids are going to look back on fondly when they grow older. Don’t miss out on these amazing memory making opportunities.

It is also important that you are active in the communication. You need to be an active part of your kids’ lives and truly understand what is going on inside their minds. Although you may feel that interrogation is the best method, it is really better to open these lines of communication in locations that a child knows they are safe to be themselves. Never give your child the impression that they are going to be in trouble for something that they want to share with you.

Your family can be a mess sometimes, but there are ways that you can make your life easier. If you follow this guide, you will be able to create a happy family that works together in unity.

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