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I am seasoned, 12-time international champion baseball coach. A passionate leader with a proven track record for winning. I have built and managed teams and companies from the ground up. I have worn every hat on the rack and even leapt tall buildings in a single bound! I am the author of, "Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready."

I have played, coached, worked and lived in some pretty cool and exciting places, including, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Hungary and I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have traveled the world, met some wonderful people and have experienced a lot of great cultures, all on the back of baseball. It's my hope to help provide insight for you along your journey.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Arts from West Valley College BLOG:  Video Analysis Website
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Writing Sample

Partying in Jakarta

There are many things you may hear about the largest Muslim populated city in the world. You will hear about the gridlock like conditions of its traffic jams, or you might hear of her many different luxury malls sprawled across the city. What would surprise you, however, is Jakarta is an awesome place to party! In fact, it’s probably one of the best-kept secrets in Asia. When you think of Muslim countries you simply don’t think of Muslims “getting down,” but that’s exactly what they do! You will find luxurious bars to your expat dive bar!

Jakarta is a capital city with so much diversity that will blow you away. It is shrouded in eclectic diversity. Everyone is here and they all bring their different cultures and influences with them, which in my opinion creates one great party vibe! I would be remiss not to mention the youthful exuberance which lends yet another colorful dimension to this wild and crazy town.

No one can put their finger on what makes this place so awesome, but spending a night partying in Jakarta and you will definitely leave wondering why you’ve never heard about her fabulous nightlife before?