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Experienced freelance blog writer with a background in Marketing and content creation. I have worked with various companies in various industries, providing them with content that embodies their company culture and voice.

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Writing Sample

Smart Ways to Extend Counter Top Space

Wouldn’t we all love a kitchen filled with endless counter top space? Unfortunately, for many people a kitchen with limitless space is not always financially or spatially feasible. Luckily, there are many creative tips and tricks that can help us make our kitchen space feel open, and ensure we are making the most of our counter top space. 

Over the Sink

It may not be the most conventional place to chop your vegetables, but over the sink cutting boards are becoming a popular kitchen staple for many who have limited kitchen space. These cutting boards, which are available at many major retail stores, are specifically designed to sit flat between the edges of the sink. By investing in an over the sink cutting board, you are opening up other areas of your valuable kitchen counter top space for storage and other cooking activities. Before shopping for these special cutting boards, be sure to measure your sink to make sure you purchase the correct size for your kitchen.


When working with a small counter top space, you may have more options to store food and appliances than you can image. Using alternative spaces, such as under the counter top, provide solutions to help keep your counter space open and appear spacious. Small fixes, such as installing a pull out or tilt out garbage container versus storing garbage on the floor, helps extend the appearance of countertops by keeping the areas around them clutter free. An under the counter pull out spice rack is always a great solution to keep spices organized and off counter tops.