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I have traveled to many different places over my short life time. I have been writing for years now, trying to find the right path for a career to start. When I first began writing it was an outlet to overcome depression, and it co-existed with my artist side. I have written many personal stories from the journeys I have taken throughout the course of all of my writing. I wish to publish these stories one day to give people a sense of direction and hope. I want to share the ability of overcoming any obstacle. My knowledge and education has a strong foundation under religion, art, and love. I have even found the love of my life through my writing. I have sacrificed all that I have to understand the power of the pen. So anything that needs to be written with a sole purpose and true desire, I can manage it.

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Writing Sample

Knowledge is Power

There’s an age old saying that “knowledge is power,” and that may be the case in most situations, but not all. In order for this statement to carry truth, the emphasis lies in the definition of “power.” The very essence of having knowledge is pointless without understanding that power that is associated within it.

I met a young man once who goes by the name of José. Now, this was an intelligent man, with a likeness of knowledge far beyond anyone I have met before. The only catch to the entire situation is that this man has spent most of his 20’s in and out of prison.

José did six years malicious assault, and was heading towards his second year in jail from pending charges of stalking his ex-fiancé. He carried felonies that would haunt him for the rest of hi life. Yet this man was profoundly religious through his own education towards being Muslim; and could read and understand a novel in less than 24 hours. His dedication towards knowledge was one of inspiration and guidance.

He would spend most days reading up on any information he could while he was caged away. Even though his past spoke volumes towards the man he is today, we became friends over a small amount of time and I was able to see the man he truly was inside. However, the sad part of it all is that with all that knowledge, he could be struggling for the rest of his life trying to prove his worth in this world. That is when I came to the conclusion that too much knowledge can hinder us in power rather than flourish us.

José, being the knowledgeable man that he is hid behind his genius, but I could tell all his knowledge was only a cry for help in the end. He was misunderstood and no matter how much knowledge of religion he may have had, he was still troubled at heart and angry. He would have hard times when it came to confrontations and pride.

I learned many concepts through this man and his fight for personal freedom; and that is where I believe power is of most importance. We can have all the knowledge in the world, but it can be abused and used in the wrong fashions. This was a man who knew the difference in right and wrong from all of his suffering, but in an instant his actions could prove otherwise. He could speak on the relationship of life to death, and the hope that lies in the will of man; then turn around and feel the least bit of disrespect and act harshly upon the feeling.

I began to notice over time that too much knowledge only leaves us more lost. I realized the old saying that, “ignorance is bliss,” is a saying that has the power to speak on itself. To have knowledge in many particular criteria only leaves us blind from understanding the true substance of one particular concept.

I would always think about how smart, yet foolish man can be in their understandings, and how knowledge can be abused if not handled properly. Here was this man, José, with the kindest of hearts, but lost in his ways when it came to distinguishing knowledge and the use of knowledge, ultimately rendering him powerless and helpless when it came the time of testing of this so called knowledge.

So where does the true definition of power reside? Clearly within power much knowledge is obtained, but knowledge does not always guarantee power, unless we can find power within ourselves. To know this, is to understand knowledge, and power alike; to know this means that we are capable of following suit behind what the definition of power is. It must be understood that knowledge can empower but can also be ones’ demise. It is all determined by the use of the power that is obtained.