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I'm a writer and editor based in Orlando, Florida. I've created grant proposals, articles, blog posts, and web pages for numerous clients.

My writing specialties include medical writing, business writing, legal writing, and science & technology writing, but I'm a passionate generalist. If there's a topic that I find interesting, I will dive deep, research the heck out of it, and find the pearl of your polished written content.

Within legal writing, I specialize in personal injury law, criminal defense law, and family law.

For business writing, I've written articles and blog posts on personal finance, small businesses, and entrepreneurship.

My medical writing includes articles and blog posts on personal health, dental health, medical equipment, medical apparel, mental health, and geriatrics.

EDUCATION:  MFA in Creative Writing, Creative Nonfiction Concentration from University of Central Florida BLOG:  None provided
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Writing Sample

As an intrepid entrepreneur or investor, you’re looking for technology that can not only increase the
unique value to consumers, but also for technologies that can positively impact the world we live in. At
UCF, the Office of Technology Transfer is looking for visionaries like you to partner with us to bring these
types of innovations to the marketplace. We know that the relationship between academia and the
private sector is important for human progress. Applied knowledge is the perfect amalgam of the worlds
of research and commerce.

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