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I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Management from University of the Philippines Cebu. I also have a degree in Professional Education from University of San Carlos, in Cebu City and acquired a TESOL/TEFL certificate from Harvest Christian School International, also in Cebu City.

I have over 3 years of experience in the call center industry as a collections representative. We call customers to collect payments for outstanding bills. I also have over 3 years of experience working from home as an article writer and virtual assistant for various companies. Part of my job as an article writer is editing articles written by other writers and uploading articles to different sites managed by our clients. I also created original articles suited for our clients' market and websites. As a virtual assistant, I was tasked to create Process Documents detailing steps and procedures of different company processes. This also include creating video tutorials showing the steps involved in a company process. However, my tasks were not limited to article writing or process documents. I also managed databases of employees and created Excel-base databases. I also processed and submitted invoices from a platform used by the company I was working for to our clients.

Besides working in the call center and from home, I also have experience working for an ESL company for over 9 months. As an ESL instructor, I am tasked to determine the English Proficiency Level of a new student, give assessments to current students, and provide feedback to students after every session.

I have worked for different employers and different teams which helped me expand my understanding of how different each job would be. It taught me to be patient and adaptable to different situations and team environment. It also taught me that working together as a team would help achieve, not just my personal goals, but also the team’s goals.

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Writing Sample

Prepared by: Melody Shiela Dupit
7 Steps On How To Make Your Boss Say “Yes” To A Standing Desk
Before we start into learning how to negotiate your way on making your boss say “YES” to a
standing desk, it is essential that you understand the benefits of having one instead of just
having a sitting desk. Knowing the benefits will help you understand why you should have one
and this will also empower you to make your boss understand the usefulness of standing desks,
not just to productivity, but to health in general.

Here are the benefits:
- Improved Productivity. According to a study conducted and published by Texas A&M
University’s Health Science Center School for Public Health, standing while working
improved productivity to 45% compared to employees who are sitting while working.
- Less risk of Obesity. A study conducted by Mayo Clinic concluded that standing desks
helps reduce the risk of obesity. Everyone who participated in the study added 1000
more calories to their diet without having to change their movement habits or going for
an exercise. Some gained weight while some did not. The study found out that
participants who did not gain weight spend less time (2.25 hours less) sitting on their
- Reduce the risk of Cancer. In 2011, a study concluded that being sedentary or sitting for
a prolonged period of time is the cause of 49, 000 cases of breast cancer and 43, 000
colon cancer cases. Even though the study did not give a definitive reason as to why the
case, but it can be noted that there was an increase in the C-reactive protein in people
who are mostly sedentary.
- Reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. In a study conducted in 2008 concluded that being
sedentary increases the level of fasting blood glucose. This means that their cells have
become resistant to insulin. This also means that their body is unable to absorb glucose
the way it should be. With the use of standing desks, employees will be able to work
while not being sedentary.
- Reduce the risk of Cardiovascular Disease. In a study conducted by British researchers
in 1949-1952, shows that London bus drivers (who are sitting) have higher risk of
contracting cardiovascular related diseases compared to conductors of the same bus
who are standing up. Another study lead by Deborah Rohm Young also concluded that
individuals who spend more than five hours per day sitting around who does not get
regular exercise are at a higher risk of heart failure compared to the ones who do the
- Reduce risk of Premature Death. It goes without saying the being sedentary or sitting to
much can increase the mortality rate everywhere as sedentariness is associated to
different health risks such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and
others. This was also shown in a study conducted in Australia. Also, and American study
concluded that spending less time sitting around can help increase life expectancy by
two years.

Prepared by: Melody Shiela Dupit
Now that you know the benefits of having standing desks and the risk of spending more
than five hours sitting while working, you can now start strategizing on how to make your
boss say “YES” to a standing desk for you. To start, here are some tips that you can ponder

  • Know Your Work Environment. Knowing the dynamics of your company will help you
    determine the layout of your company, who to ask, and the values that your company
    stands for. Knowing all this will help guide you to come up with a plan on who to ask,
    how to convince your employers or boss why having a standing desk is beneficial to you
    and the company and how it is a good reflection to your company values. In addition,
    knowing the aesthetics and layout of your company will help you come up with different
    standing desk options that will be suited to the type of furniture and inserts in your
    office. It always pays to come prepared.
  • Do Your Diligent Research. As mentioned in the previous tip, it is always a good practice
    to come prepared. It is always fatal to come into battle without the know-how to win it.
    Thus, do your homework, research and come up with a plan/proposal that will help you
    tip the odds against your favor. Start by knowing the benefits of having a standing desk
    and the risk factors of not having one. Some of the benefits of having a standing desk
    are as follows:
    o Less absenteeism due to lesser risks of diseases associated with being sedentary.
    o Increased productivity of at least 10%
    o Greater employee retention and less sick days incurred.
    o Increases employee interaction.
    o Less report of back and neck pain.
    o Standing desks are long-term investments that your company will benefit over
  • Make The Request. No matter what the situation is, it is always nerve-wracking and
    anxiety-inducing to ask of anyone any requests or favors, most especially if it is your
    boss you are talking about. Knowing your worth to the company is a good start, but it is
    always to come prepared and know the dos and don’ts of conversations. Here are some
    o DO remember to highlight the positive contributions you have made to the
    company. You can start with the most recent contribution be it in a project or a
    company goal you met. This will be a good starting point for your proposal as
    your employee will see that you are worthy of the investment.
    o DO keep in mind the context of your request and the timing it is presented. It is
    always beneficial to you to know where you stand in your company and your
    bosses. If you feel like you are close enough to your direct supervisor, then you
    can propose to have standing desks at any convenient time. On the other hand,
    it is also encouraged that you do this in a formal setting so everything is on the
    record, like when you are having your performance review or when you are
    engaged in productivity and workplace satisfaction discussion.
    Prepared by: Melody Shiela Dupit
    o DO remember to outline your proposal based on scientific facts and backed by
    research. This is where the research you conducted will play its role.
    o DO consider to start with the BIG idea before diving into the specifics. You can
    start by saying “I am interested in improving my work area by having a standing
    desk…” then go to the specifics.
    o DON’T base your request and not imply that it should be honored because
    someone else is already using one. Make sure that your request is based on how
    helpful it would be to you as an employee. Come up with your own reasons and
    the direct impact of having a standing desk and not compare yourself to others.
    o DON’T be demanding. Make sure that your proposal is presented as an option
    that you boss can help explore with you.
  • Set Your Expectations. In any type of proposal, it is always to be expected rebuttals and
    questions coming from the panel. In this case, your boss. Before you do the actual
    proposal, it would help to ask a dear friend for a role-play. This will help you be
    prepared of possible questions and doubts thrown at you. Remember, it is vital to come
    prepared and have the will to get the “YES” that you deserve. So, come up with a list of
    possible questions and the best answer to these questions.
  • Securing a Doctor’s Note. Obtaining a doctor’s note is a sure way for you to have a
    standing desk. You don’t need to have a chronic back pain condition for your doctor to
    write a note for you. Most doctors already know the benefits of standing desks and they
    will be willing to write the note for you. However, it is also important that you discuss
    with your doctor why having one would be very helpful to your health as an employee.
  • Always Know Your Rights. Various laws in the state and federal levels are designed to
    help protect employees like you. Knowing your basic rights as an employee will be an
    advantage when making your proposal. But, with the doctor’s note, it will not be
    difficult to tip the odds towards you. However, there are some cases that companies will
    not budge and declines a request no matter the evidence presented. But, let us hope
    that it will not come down to legal matters so you can avoid work related drama as
    much as possible.
  • Come Up With Alternative Solutions. There is always a 50-50 chance that your boss will
    slap the big fat NO and decline your request of having your standing desk dream. But
    your dream does not have to end with this. You can always come up with alternative
    solutions and still enjoy the standing desk that you want for when you are at work. One
    alternative is for you to buy it yourself. This may not be the most ideal solution as this
    entails you having to spend some cash out of your personal bank account. However, this
    may help reduce your taxes at the end of year. On the other hand, before you do such
    drastic decision, it is recommended that you give your boss the time to think about your
    proposal. Don’t put your boss in the spot. If your boss gave you a NO on the day of your
    presentation, you can always tell him or her to give it some time. Also, another
    employee might present the same interest as you in the coming months. This will help
    convince your boss that standing desks will not be a useless expenditure, but a
    beneficial one. You can also come up with a temporary solution and stack up boxes to
    Prepared by: Melody Shiela Dupit
    elevate your work station. This may not be the best solution, but it will show your
    employer that you will really be using the standing desk once it is placed in your area.
    Having your boss say “YES” to your request will not be easy. But, you can start with the tips
    mentioned above while keeping in mind the health and productivity benefits of having a
    standing desk in your work place. Keeping this in mind will help you gain your confidence in
    presenting your proposal and help tip the advantages towards you.

Enjoy and best of luck!

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Prepared by: Melody Shiela Dupit