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Business development executive, dog walker by day and blogger/angel investor by night; David has more than 15 years of sales, business development and consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, HP, EDS as as well star-tups. He lives in Los Gatos with wife, daughter, Remy (the Lab) and Sasah-Garbanzo (Gaary) the Cat. David can be reached at @Mortaz

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Writing Sample

Last month I attended a CEO panel discussion at San Francisco Headquarters of SmartRecruiters.  Each CEO was sharing challenges they face daily with Talent Acquisition where they have to screen 200 applicants to find a few developers with an average search lasting more than 100 days!  

Part of the challenge might be that some hiring managers appear to have no clue what they are asking the market to deliver to them!   Some job descriptions appear to have no basis in realty since they are asking for a combination of skills that you can ONLY get if we morphed Steve Job's creative DNA with oratory skills of MKL and the wisdom of Ghandi!   I doubt such a person exists today and if they did, I am certain they are NOT looking for a W2 gig in Milpitas (no offense to Milpitas)!

And the evidence of these job descriptions are plenty!  I recently spotted this job post at one of the country's largest Accounting, Audit and Consulting firms looking for:

Job Title:  Technology Analyst
Required Skills:   Full demonstrated skills in Java, Mobile technologies, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WS*, MQ, Adapter framework, Database building and Management: Oracle, SQL server, DB2, SQL, PL/SQL, JDBC, Struts and Strings framework, Application Architecture; Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Data, BPM/BRE Tools - WSI*, , Mapping and Workflow Tools, Application Servers such as Websphere, Weblogic, , Application Architecture and Implementation, Governance Designs, Pegasystems, Lombardi, Oracle BPEL, Jrules, BonitaSoft, JBoss, BRE. Fully demonstrated technical skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint) and Lotus Notes

Minimum Years of Experience Necessary: 1
Minimum Degree(s) and Certification(s) Required: Bachelor degree

There are more than 20 or so different technologies, platforms,  brands and skill sets outlined in this job description.  Mind you this person is supposed to have mastered all these skills and technologies in one year!   And since the job requirements for this applicant to "Fully Demonstrate" all these skills, we anticipate this company will spend 6 months to interview each candidate; if they are lucky to find someone.

Who are we kidding here?    Why write a job description like this for a person that doesn't really exists?  Is it job security for the HR Recruiter to continue looking for a such a person till eternity?  Is it  a case of the HR Recruiter is unable to educate the hiring managers that such a person does not really exist!?    

It's no wonder that these positions go unfilled for years and no one bothers to find out why.  To make matters worse no one in HR gets fired for not filing these positions.  It's no wonder why HR is broken in most companies.  

It was no surprise that the consensus of the CEO panel at SmartRecuiters was that HR is indeed broken!  Everyone in the HR food chain is only providing a band-aide.  From Assessment, Background Checks, Video Interviews, Applicant Tracking....etc, we are only addressing the small wound.   But the patient is suffering kidney, lung and liver failure and none of these technologies are addressing the problem of unreasonable expectations of companies who want to hire Superstars off the street.  

What do you think about these job descriptions!?   Would you accept one if you were retained to fill this position?  Can you find one person who has all the skills and traits of Ghandi, MLK and Steve Jobs?!