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Writing Sample

Local entrepreneur looks to 1 Million Cups – Fairfax on ways to grow his business


Steve Jarriel, an entrepreneur and former TV reporter and web content producer, presented his drone-services company to the 1 Million Cups chapter of Fairfax County on Wednesday, March 14th. He was looking for advice on ways to bootstrap sales for Drone Video Partners Inc., his FAA certified provider of aerial photography and digital imaging services. Steve had already found success working with corporate realty but that he wanted to take advantage of more opportunities in fields like construction and emergency response. Devoting time towards sales was a challenge, and Steve wanted to know the best way to grow his business.

Audience members gave Steve advice on sales strategy and relationship-building, along with references towards networking and speaking events in fields that Steve wanted to target. They were quick to reject Steve’s initial idea of creating a broad mailing list of potential customers, telling him that his potential customers would probably want to meet him in person first. The 1MC – Fairfax audience also provided Steve with resources that he could use to prospect and research new sales opportunities.

Mr. Jarriel joins a growing list of entrepreneurs that have presented their start-ups/small-businesses at the Fairfax County chapter of 1 Million Cups. The chapter has previously hosted a Denver-based brewing company looking to expand to the D.C. area, along with a software start-up looking to improve its technical development in a cost-effective manner. On Wednesday, March 21st, 1 Million Cups – Fairfax will host TaskFit.io, a real-time machine learning platform led by Tim Marcinowski. Tim is looking for advice from the Fairfax County community on ways to find the right business partners.

Sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, 1 Million Cups serves to support entrepreneurs across the United States by connecting them with their local communities and businesses. Event attendance is free and coffee is always provided. Led by Rod Loges of One Degree Capital and Donnell Johns of Avision Worldwide, the Fairfax team is looking for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and/or small businesses that want to present their business challenges to a group of experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals. Potential presenters should visit www.1millioncups.com/fairfax for more information on applying to present.