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First, let me explain the lack of a Niche list: For some reason, I can't choose more than a few subjects on the niche list -when I try to scroll, then my choices disappear- so I will include the 15 in my bio. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sorry, now let me introduce myself! Hi, my name is Melissa! I have a passion for writing and editing, though I never went to college for that subject; I always excelled in the field, being in Honor English classes throughout my life. I am a part-time worker and stay at home mother. Writing gives me an escape sometimes from the realities of day to day experiences. I have wanted to start a blog and share my writing with the public, but I was never uploaded any of my work, and my previous computer died, along with a lot of my work! But I am determined to prove myself a respectable writer/editor, so I will start over, this time publishing my work!

EDUCATION:  Still Enrolled from Liberty University BLOG:  None provided
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