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I have been active in politics most of my life because of my family. I have written about it, been a chairman of a group, campaigned and worked with candidates. This is a topic that was part of every family gathering, as there were several members of my family that were elected to office. I am an A+ certified computer technician that has focused a work career on networking, high-speed connections and printers. I have been everything from a UNIX system administrator to an on-site project manager for large site implementation. I have some college behind me that is focused on history. Because of family issues, I had to walk away, but I have continued with research. I have written articles on this, along with doing research for families and groups. I have done quite a bit of research on military and civil rights. Republican politics, American History, Civil Rights History, Web Design, Computer maintenance

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Writing Sample

What can be learned from Time Team


The show Time Team was a staple for viewers in Great Britain for 20 years. The show still has a lot to teach people, especially in the United States. The show was not just about finding lost history, but about teaching the topic. There are many ways in which history can show how the modern world has become what we know. The technology is not as important as the application of the mindset for people. People and how they interact with the world may show an evolution, but it is important to see how. That is how Time Team helps in the modern world.


Understanding the legal system


In many parts of the world, the Magna Carta is the basis of the legal system. There is more to it, though. How the system evolves shows more about the real use in the lives of people. The lives of those who were the cause of the evolution shows modern people how it can be of use now. People need to see how those lives were. Knowing the buildings show how the people of different times were able to live a full life and cope with what their leaders had want of.


How we eat


Most people do not actually understand the changes in how we eat. The evolution of food actually can help how we prepare our food now. Different flavors can of use to make a taste others may not know now. Cooking shows are very popular now, so people want new influences in their lives. A person who takes it back, in a historical sense, will be the one others want to be around. Knowing how people were gathering when they ate in the days of yore will give ideas on throwing the party with food you took time to cook.


How culture is done


The culture of today still has traces of the old English historical figures. How people throw a party today is reminiscent of how the English nobility threw them. The basics of how those who want to be more high society operate can be pretty much of a mirror of how the Tudors were doing so, just with a modern twist. People and their love gardening reflects that time frame. Our ways of interaction, in so many ways, go back to to the society of England.


People can learn from a show like Time Team so they can understand the world they live in. The English were in control of a quarter of the world at one point. Their influence shows daily for many people. That influence is in Argentina to South Africa. Understanding this can help when people travel. It can also help us see how to not be lost when it seems that way when we are in uncomfortable situations.