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Writing Sample

                                5 Beauty Boosting Foods You Should Include in Your Diet
We want to look our best and we show it. People spend millions of dollars each year buying cosmetic products designed to minimize wrinkles and make skin look younger; hair and nails stronger and longer. They get them at beauty supply stores, drugstores and online. Skincare should start from the inside. Here are 5 foods that are found at your local grocery store that promote youthful, glowing skin and strong hair and nails. They are healthy, great-tasting foods jam-packed with vitamins and key nutrients to keep you looking young and vibrant!

What causes skin damage?

Much of the skin damage we experience is caused by toxins and impurities inside the body and by free radicals. See, the body is full of healthy, stable cells, but when a cell is damaged and unstable (called a free radical) it tries to bond with healthy cells and destroys them, too. Free radicals attack healthy cells causing damage to the skin and other organs of the body.

How do you fight free radicals?

Eating nutritious, wholesome food and taking in the right amounts of vitamins and minerals is the first step. Eating foods high in anti-oxidants is vital. Anti-oxidants can fight free radical damage, protecting your organs from disease on the inside and keeping you healthy and youthful looking on the outside.

Foods for the healthiest skin, hair and nails:

Fresh Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other types of berries are exploding with vitamin C; even more than you get from oranges or grapefruit. You should eat as much fresh berries as you want to fight wrinkles, age-related dry skin and broken down collagen that results in fine lines and a dull complexion.

Olive Oil: As part of your daily diet, olive oil is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties to help you look and feel good on the inside, but that’s not all. It has also been used for centuries as a topical beauty treatment. Rubbed into the skin daily it hydrates deeply so you can enjoy smoother, more radiant skin.

Green Tea: Green tea is bursting with health benefits and damage-fighting antioxidants. It may even reduce your risk of skin cancer. Adding a squeeze of lemon or other citrus gives the antioxidants staying power so they have more time to fight free radicals in the body.

Pomegranate: Pomegranates are loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants. They are a little messy to eat, so here’s a trick. Cut fruit into quarters and place in a bowl of water for 10 minutes to loosen up the seeds. Then blend the seeds with other fresh berries or with lemon sherbet for a great tasting smoothie!

Beans: Believe it or not beans are high in antioxidants, too. Red beans, pinto beans and kidney beans rank the highest. Try them as a side dish or make a bean salad for a fresh, nutrient packed lunch. Beans are also high in fiber which keeps you feeling full so you eat less and gain less weight.

For best results, eat a diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The more colorful your diet (yellow and green veggies, blue, orange and red fruits), the more antioxidants it has. Wash your fruits and vegetables to remove pesticide and insecticide residue. Get a juicer…a juicer enables you to use every part of the food including the skin, which contains a lot of vitamins and the most fiber. Experiment with your juicer to create fun and healthy smoothies!