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Writing Sample

People purchase archery targets in order to improve their skill for competition or to use them in competition. A typical archery target consists of 4 rings in which the archer will shoot arrows at and try to aim in the innermost circle. In competition, the innermost circle is worth more points and usually shows how skilled an archer is if the arrows land at that point. The common order of the color of rings is white, black, blue, red and with a gold circle in the middle known as the bull’s eye. The bull’s eye is a very complicated to achieve and requires a great amount of skill and practice for one to get the arrow to land there.


Choosing the right archery target for you can include several factors including the type of arrows you are shooting, the type of bow you are using, and whether or not archery is a leisurely activity or competitive activity. The first thing a person should consider when purchasing the best archery target for their needs is the type of bow they will be using the most. Different bows have various strengths and some archery targets cannot hold the arrow because they are too weak.


Competition bows typically use smaller arrows and will need an archery target that includes foam. Hybrid archery targets that include foam will allows the arrow to stick into the target but can also be easily removed. Broadhead arrows will need an archery target that has multiple layers of materials because the blades are too sharp for the only one layer of foam to handle. These arrows will slice the foam on the first try and money has been wasted. A completely solid foam target or one that has been laminated is better option for use with broadheads.


Finding an exceptional crossbow target is one of the trickiest tasks for an archer to complete. Since there are so many different types of crossbows and features of crossbows, no two are exactly alike. Some crossbows can send arrows at speeds of 400 frames per second. When an arrow going at this speed hits the wrong target, it can take quite awhile for that arrow to be retrieved. Understanding the benefits that each type of archery target offers the user can help you identify the best archery target for your needs.


Top Features of the Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target B 22


This is one of the best archery targets for use in backyards or for long range shooting. The Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target B 22 is a solid block of foam that measures 22 x 22 x 16. This provides a larger surface area to shoot arrows at while still being stable and dependable. The block itself weighs approximately 25 lbs and can withstand hits from arrows at varying speeds. The polyfusion design allows arrows to be pulled out easily and for the target to last longer than other archery targets in the market.


Block archery targets are the best targets to use for carbon arrows because they can take the hit without tearing apart from the force and speed of the arrow. The block design of this archery target allows for shooting on all six sides of the product. This is an awesome feature to have when a person is practicing for competition shooting.

Top Features of the Field Logic Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target 71000

The Field Logic Glendel Buck 3D Archery Target 71000 is considered one of the best 3d archery targets in the market right now. This buck is meant to resemble a 200lb buck and it is extremely lifelike to a real deer with a height of 34 inches and a core size of 11 x 11 x11. The core surface is larger than any other 3D archery model products in its class.

This is a great archery target choice for people who hunt with bow and arrows in the field instead of other types of weapons. This is the largest buck archery target that allows for shooting on all 4 sides of the core. This allows an archer to be prepared from any angle and for the largest animal they could encounter. It prepares them for that moment and ensures that their skill level will be there when the moment arrives.

Top Features of the Field Logic Classic 18 Archery Block Target 51100

The Field Logic Classic 18 Archery Block Target 51100 is has gained a reputation for being the best archery target for any type of arrows or bows. It is the original open layered archery target that was created to improve skill and make pulling arrows out effortless. This target is very popular among archers because it quickly dissipates the heat that is created from the friction of the arrow hitting the target. Most similar products are completely destroyed in less than 10 hits. This block target has been known to take hundreds of hits.

Another great feature of this archery target is that people of all sizes and heights can use. Kids with a weaker crossbow shooting 110 frames per second will still be able to penetrate the target and easily remove their bows. This is a great option for beginner archers and seasoned professionals.

Top Features of the Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600


Another option for a 3D archery target is the Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600. This is a smaller option that Field Logic provides to consumers who are looking for a realistic animal target. It provides shooters with the preparation it requires to shoot a live animal by providing a lifelike representation to shoot. This 3d archery target is different than others because the animal actually has antlers attached to the head.

The removable core insert makes replacing old foam inside simple to do. It also includes the stakes that are needed to keep the target in place without it tipping it over during use. By offering an archery target that is durable and affordable, Field Logic has gained the reputation of being one of the best companies to purchase lifelike targets from when compared to other competitors in the industry.


Top Features of the Bone Collector 400 F.P.S. Target by Morrell


The Bone Collector 400 F.P.S. Target by Morrell is a newer option for block archery targets and is becoming popular. The bright colors and fun design of this model makes it a great option for kids to practice on as well. It provides 4 different games including six bull's-eyes, a 9-ball game, a full-color midsection of a deer (vitals in color), and a dart board. By designing Each side of the cube to be a different type of target or shooting game, practice seems like fun instead of work..


It can handle arrows that are shot at 400 frames per second and they can easily be removed from the target without damaging the core. This target is different from similar products because it includes rubber in the core as well. The rubber makes it extremely durable for beginner archers or veteran archers. This is one of the best archery targets if a person is looking to change up their normal shooting routine.