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Mine has been a life forged through trial and error. While I have been the beneficiary of an outstanding education that included many years of private school followed by the veritable cursus honorum of undergraduate and graduate matriculation, the most enduring - and valuable - lessons I have learned over the past 53 years were learned in the school of hard knocks.
Because I had more educational opportunity than imagination, I took the obvious path. I became I lawyer. I have practiced law with various degrees of success for over 25 years. As one would imagine, the practice of law does involve a fair amount of writing though, admittedly, it is debatable as to whether legal writing counts as real writing.
Of course, as stated above, life rather than law has provided greater experience and more enduring lessons. I am well-traveled, twice married and the father of three (whose ages range from 4 to 20). I am a passionate reader and a productive writer. I have known heartbreak and loss as well as love and success. I have suffered the despair of poverty and the elation of (modest) wealth. In short, I have lived life well.
I am interested in writing on Content Runner for selfish reasons. First, it will allow me to hone my skills. Second, it will allow me to write on a broad range of subjects. Finally, I will make a little extra cash. Hopefully, my modest talents will benefit others in the process.

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