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Hello, there! I'm Bryan, a New England transplant looking to supplement my full-time income with some writing work on the side. Read my bio, get to know me, and let me know if I can help.

Though I’m from the Wild West, half of my family is from New England and Boston feels like my second home and has been luring me in for years.

While studying Business Management (Marketing and Sales) in college, I worked as a field researcher in Guatemala to study the impact of education on the business opportunity and the earning potential of small business entrepreneurs in more than a dozen of the 26 Mayan tribes of Guatemala. After presenting the results of the project at a national conference and subsequently working and volunteering in an adult literacy program for three years, I decided that education would be one of my two humanitarian passions to which I would dedicate my life. I taught Spanish for a year in a private program and was offered a position in Teach for America, but declined after deciding that I could help make a more widespread impact by working in educational technology.

I’m a foodie, a productivity tech junkie, a proper-grammar addict (and yes, that hyphen does belong there), an antsy outdoors enthusiast (Boy Scouts was the outlet of choice), a bit of a hopeless romantic, and a sucker for great sunsets and sunrises. I’ve visited the emergency room more times than most people have time to hear about (I’ll have a story to share every single time you ever ask me). I’m in love with New England accents and colloquialisms, have an addiction to seafood, and get equally jazzed up over good movies and great business discussions.

I have done a variety of little side gigs, but I also co-founded a little software company that we ran for 3 years. We had some awesome successes and then crashed and burned. But, the lessons learned and the stories to tell made it worth it.

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Writing Sample

See my bio. I'll be adding writing samples here soon.