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My name is Asher Stefani and I am a natural born writer with a passion for all types of writing from blogs and articles to ebooks, newsletters, white papers, social media and more.

I have been professionally writing for clients for over 3 years and continue to improve my strategies and techniques everyday.

When it comes to writing online it is crucial to keep up with technology as well as the algorithms and updates from Google in order to maintain effective work for clients.

All of my online writing is done with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind and created to be evergreen content which will be relevant and useful for years to come.

My writing is aimed to not just be material, but improve SEO, online brand, online reputation, increase quality traffic, build an audience and establish your company as an expert in the industry.

With a BA in history, specializing in research and writing, I am very comfortable with any topic or subject desired.

EDUCATION:  BA, History, Specializing in research and writing. from Cal State University San Marcos BLOG:  None provided
CERTIFICATIONS:  Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Notary Public CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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Writing Sample

3 Tips to Enhance Your Website

Technology has advanced so much in the last decade that even if your website was built just a few years ago, it is already in need of some crucial updates to enhance your website. New web development platforms like WordPress have surpassed and exceeded the likes of Dreamweaver, Joomla and Drupal not only producing more user friendly websites for the viewers and the user, but allowing an array of options to incorporate into your site. No longer are animations and Flash videos favored as they have no value whatsoever with search engines. This may be hard to accept for those who are not staying up to date with new algorithms and updates from Google, but the truth is the truth and if the goal is to enhance your website they must not be ignored.

With that said, we have compiled 3 tips to enhance your website based on these new changes brought on by Google. Please feel free to add to our list by commenting.

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Our 3 Tips to Enhance Your Website:


  1. 1.       Quality Content is Key- The most important of our 3 tips to enhance your website has to be quality content throughout your website, blog, ads, press releases, social media and even videos. The content in your site is the main thing that will help search engines find you and remember you if the viewer found what they wanted by clicking your site.Google remembers everything, so it is imperative that your content be relevant and of high quality to not only satisfy your viewers, but search engines as well. Having resourceful information that can answer questions typed in the search engine is crucial, as the new Hummingbirds from Google will be specifically targeting questions and answers to them.

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  1. 2.       User Friendly- Having a user friendly website is our second most important tip to enhance your website. A complicated website that is hard to navigate and has broken links or links to wrong pages will not just irritate your viewer, but ensure that they do not come back again.Keeping it simple for your viewers to do what they came to your site to do will boost your sales and will more likely than not bring that customer back. Just because your site is made to simplify the user’s experience, it does not mean that it can’t be attractive and professional. This includes ensuring that your site is compatible on all browsers and mobile devices.

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  1. 3.       Using Google Analytics- By capitalizing on opportunities using Google Analytics you will be able to track and analyze your data which will allow you to make educated decisions that will enhance your site. Tracking what pages are viewed most, what pages have the largest bounce rate (viewer who click on a page and immediately leave) and knowing what is bringing viewers to your site make it far easier to make necessary adjustments moving forward.

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Content not of best quality. Also told me that he didn't put all of his effort into the project because he only bid $20 instead of $50.