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Writing Sample

Modern modular homes

  • Modern modular homes are self contained segments and units, designed and transformed to take advantage of environmental, economical and structural benefits to fully satisfy desires of home owners. Modular construction techniques have a got a collection of living solutions, which are designed to meet varying needs and desires of a wide range of diverse clients.


  • Modular houses are able to fit for different uses. This has been made possible due to intense research on favorable designs. These houses can be used as a weekend home, full-time family house or as a solitary residence house. They can be fully customized to meet specific requirement for different climates and locations.



  • The amazing fact of modern modular homes is that; they can be expanded easily or transformed to cope up with its residence. They also maintain the home construction traditional relationship between the client and the architect. This protocol enables the client to get technical advice on how to expand, maintain and transform the house in the future. In addition, clients can easily a quire home repair services through the architect, who is always readily available.


Modular houses are constructed on the basis of minimizing the cost of production, with the aim of providing excellent houses on fair prices to clients. The low price of modular construction products compared to other systems of building such as, bricks and concrete; makes it the first advantage of our trading purpose. In addition, all elements that are used for construction are disassembled and transported in a kit. This is done so as to reduce the cost of transport delivery.

High luxurious comfort

Luxurious comfort is not left out when it comes to modular houses. High quality civilian homes are provided through the use of acoustic and good thermal insulation, which provide customized finishing both in the external and internal parts of the house.

The CE marking

All module homes have the CE marking; a rule that guarantees the strength and mechanical resistance of the building. This norm is empowered by the local authority to ensure quality and the safety of the structures. The involved construction activities are monitored and recorded as follows:

  • Assembly is monitored and managed carefully (step by step)
  • All raw materials are recorded and their quality monitored
  • Suppliers must be certified and well known
  • A series of test is done to every finished modular unit to ensure that it meets the expected quality standard
  • Monitoring of elementary products is done to ensure only quality products are used


Where to find module houses

 Readily available modern module homes can be found in the outskirts of Jamestown, Virginia. They can also be found in most places country wide specifically in the outskirt of any given city, especially in North America. This is because they are mainly constructed in rural areas.


 It is advisable to consult a modular home specialist, who will give you reliable information on how to get a home in a particular location of your choice and the kind of house need depending on your budget cost.