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Writing Sample

Leadership Without Being A Bully

Leadership is one of the most sought after qualities in people who work with others. The person in this position can have a deep impact in the company’s bottom line. However, there is a thin line between, being a leader, and being a bully and below, we can help you discern which category you belong to.

How do you handle poor performance? Do you seek to correct and motivate your employees or do you exhibit characteristics of a bully, which include humiliating your subordinates? Doing so shuts them down, and decreases their creativity and eagerness to be productive at work.

Upper management can be demanding, and this can be a lot of stress for you, as a leader, to deal with. In order to deal with time constraints, do you force your workers to do work, so you can meet your goals? Doing so would make you a bully, and has adverse repercussions – the work forced on others, may not be done accurately, which ends up being inefficient and costly to the organization

Do you ask others for their opinions, only to belittle what they have to offer, or become defensive about what you feel about situations? If you exhibit these behaviors, you are slowly, but surely diminishing morale in your workers.

A leader should be able to work with al groups of people, regardless of their national origin, culture or language background. If you favor some people over others, then you can label yourself a bully. Discrimination is illegal and can cost a company millions of dollars. Every person in the organization has something to offer, it should not be disregarded due to their ethnic background.

When you are leader of the pack, you should be aware of the sentiments and morale level of your group. If you don’t care what others feel, and will do whatever it takes to get your way, then you are a bully. You will get instant results, but out of fear and not interest for the work. This is damaging to the employees, and the company as a whole.

Many employees complain of being bullied by their superiors, an act that is damaging to a company, to say the least. Each case of dealing with a bully leader, can cost an upwards of, $17,000. This does not even include the costs of decreased morale, and work days missed by the victims of a bully leader. An organization must have strict rules on bullying, and enforce punishment in order to deter it from reoccurring.




 Correlation Between Credit Scores and HealthCare


Excellent credit scores are in the 800 range. However, it is easy to fall from this great number, when one has medical bills that are unpaid. Medical offices usually have a 'Pay in Full' policy that requires patients to pay for their services , immediately after service or even before. They are usually tougher, on those who do not have health insurance, as they are deemed difficult to collect from. In the event that the patient receives medical services that they cannot afford, the medical office tries to collect from them, by sending them statements. After a period of time, usually 6 months, they cease to communicate with the individual, and sell the debt to a third party debt collector.


Third Party Collector Get Involved

Once the third party debt collector receives the bill, they then report it to the three credit bureaus. From here on, it becomes impossible to remove the entry on the person's credit report. A person's credit score and their healthcare , are therefore closely related. When one heads out to buy a house, car or borrow other types of loans, their credit score plays a big factor in whether they get the loan, and if yes, at what interest rate. There has been backlash however, from people who feel that, when it comes to credit cards and borrowing at will, individuals have a choice, and should therefore be held responsible for their financial decisions. However, when it comes to medical bills that end up with collection agencies, there should be some kind of forgiveness. Nobody decides when they will need medical attention. Most people, even after getting the medical care they need, brush off medical bills. They tend to think that these will disappear, and continue on with their lives.

Errors and Mistakes By Medical Billing and Insurance Companies

Some of the medical bills that end up at collection agencies, usually stem from insurance and hospital mistakes and errors. The individual is sometimes not, even aware about their credit score dwindling ,because of these snafus made by medical providers. This is why, the Federal government mandates that, each person is entitled to a free credit report each year. It is possible for these medical bills, to belong to other individuals, in what is known as identity theft. Checking one's credit report, can not be emphasized enough, as these amounts would be shown, together with who the creditor is, the balance owed, and when it was reported to the agency.

Even people who are covered by health insurance are not exempt from credit score downfall. When a person receives medical care, the provider sends the bill to their corresponding insurance company. This is a delay haven, and the provider may grow impatient, reporting the bill to the third party collector.This travesty, has resulted into a medical credit score, one that differentiates medical debts, from the regular ones.


 Future Medical Bills and Credit Scores

The Fair Isaac Corporation, is an organization that seeks to correct this growing problem. They have developed a system called medFICO, and this helps medical providers check on a potential patient's record, which helps them determine if they will be able to pay their debt. There are opponents to this, who say that it is a ground for identity theft.