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I have done multiple freelance jobs on and off over the years. I can write on just about any subject, and I love researching new topics for clients. I have a very quick turnaround time and am happy to do revisions if the client isn't satisfied.

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Writing Sample

Have you ever been walking somewhere and a certain scent catches your attention and you are instantly reminded of a memory? When you think of grandma's house do you imagine the smell of her baking or cooking? This phenomenon in called Aroma Science and that is what we are going to be talking about in this article.

Scent Memory
People say that one of the strongest sensations humans remember is scent. It only takes a brief smell to instantly bring back memories of your childhood or someone who was special to you. This is called scent memory or odor-evoked autobiographical memory and it occurs all the time, to all kinds of different people throughout their lives. One reason scientists believe that this happens is that the gland in the brain that is connected to smell, your olfactory gland, is very close to the glands that deal with memories and emotions. They become entwined and can produce powerful memories that you might have forgotten you had.

Essential Oils
In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated oils in a huge variety of scents. People use them for everything from relaxing, to minor ache relief, to mood stabilizers. Research suggests that using essential oils can be beneficial to the user because a lot of them are organic and they can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and even give a boost to your immune system. You can purchase the oils online, in many holistic food stores, or vitamin stores. They are very concentrated so you might want to dilute the scent with water. A good rule of thumb is 1-2 drops of oil for every cup of water.

Aroma Therapy
A new trend is using essential oils for aromatherapy. This is accomplished by using essential oils to purposely trigger unpleasant memories so you can work through them to get better emotionally. This is accomplished by using techniques like massage therapy or body work, hands-on healing or energy work, and psychotherapy. These methods, along with the essential oils have shown that people have massive improvements over the span of the sessions, and often come back for more because it leaves them feeling at peace.

These forms of alternative healing are relatively new but they already have an impressive following. The people who use essential oils and do aromatherapy swear that it works and it works very well.