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Writing Sample

Why You Should Use Organic Skin Care Products For Babies

With a newborn child, we always want to make sure that we give them the best start to life, and part of this is by taking good care of their skin. This is simply because no parent with a newborn child would like to use a product that will cause irritation to the baby’s skin due to the sensitive nature of a baby’s skin. Therefore, the best way to ensure that your baby’s skin stays healthy is by using organic skin products. With so many organic skin products in the market today, it is vital to know how to choose the best organic skin care products for your baby. The idea is to come up with a list of products that use organic and natural ingredients which will help in minimizing chemical contact with your baby’s skin. Most of these ingredients should not contain petroleum, should not have chemical residues and are not supposed to be synthetic.
The best way to tell if the product you are about to buy is organic is by looking at the label. It should indicate that the product is natural and organic which means that there has been no involvement of any kind of chemicals right from the point of growing the ingredients or harvesting them to the process of supplying the products. A lot of caution should be taken when selecting these products because some of the products may indicate that they are natural and organic but in real sense, they contain some chemicals that may have been introduced along the way, either at the planting or harvesting stage.
Non-organic baby skin care products contain ingredients that normally have adverse effects on a baby’s sensitive skin. Most of them contain petroleum gel that is usually known for leaving the skin dry, causing irritations, and also its tendency to interfere with the production of sebum. Some of them also have chemical flavors that tend to cause a lot of harm to the baby’s skin and eyes, and in case they are ingested accidentally, they are bound to cause harm to the baby’s internal organs. When it comes to baby shampoos and soaps, some of them contain detergents that are very dangerous even if they are present in very small amounts. They are known to cause severe damage to the hair, the eyes, the skin, they can make the skin to dry up, and in some cases bring about blindness. The presence of antiseptics and disinfectants in the non-organic baby products means that they are capable of killing microbes which indicates that they have elements of poison in them that are capable of being harmful to your baby. Most of these products are also made using tap water which in most cases contains chlorine. Chlorine is known to be highly corrosive hence such products should be avoided if you want your baby’s skin to be healthy.
As much as you would like to avoid the conventional baby skin care products, using organic skin care products isn’t enough to ensure that your baby’s skin remains healthy. You need to adopt an organic way of life that goes beyond the use of organic cosmetics, lotions, and creams. This means that it is possible to take organic care of your baby’s skin without necessarily relying on those products. For example, you are required to use pure water that is free from any traces of chlorine, fertilizers, pesticides, or bleaching agents. This is vital because water is one of the most commonly used substances on your baby’s skin for things like drinking, washing, or bathing. This means that it forms a large part of your baby’s organic skin care. You might be using some of the best organic baby products in the market, but if you do not use pure water on your baby’s skin, all that will count for nothing. Since most of our tap water is chlorinated or bleached, the best way to ensure that the water is pure is by boiling and filtering it. Boiling your baby’s water helps to eliminate chlorides, carbonates, sulfates and many other chemicals that might be harmful to your baby’s skin.
It is also good to note the importance of buying little but often. This is because some organic baby products claim to be free from preservatives, but in real sense, this could mean that there is the presence of preservatives in very little amounts that the manufacturer deems not important to mention. Normally, food grade preservatives are used to lengthen the shelf life of organic skin products and are supposed to be bottled in an atmosphere that is protected so as to prevent the product from being exposed to air. Products that claim to be free from preservatives, and are packed in tubes are not supposed to be used for more than three months. In case you notice any color change in the product, it will be wise to dispose of the product as it might have become dangerous for your baby.
Also, moms are advised to use organic products on their skins too because of their closeness to their babies. Using chemical based products by a mom means that the baby also comes in contact with the chemicals as he/she interacts with the mother. This should be practiced right after one gets pregnant because the baby absorbs everything you tend to do. If you use harmful chemicals on your skin while pregnant, your baby will internalize them and they will cause harm to your unborn baby.