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Writing Sample

Blogging has exploded in popularity since the turn of the century.  If you are not actively writing or contributing to a blog, then you are probably one of the many avid readers who are commenting, tweeting, liking, and sharing various posts.  Blogging can be addictive.  If you keep getting tangled in the net of blogging and want out, the best thing to do is kill your blog.

Day 1

When you set off to kill your blog, be sure that this is what you really want to do.  Overthink and analyze everything.  This will create doubt and anxiety, which will start to invade your writing.  Your followers will see the change and with any luck, they will be scared off.  Gibberish will be your friend.  Post without meaning, direction, or care.  Dry your posts out in the sun so they are stale and tasteless.  Do not worry about editing, grammar, punctuation, and any of that fluff.  It is not necessary now.  

Day 2

Change the look of your blog to something drab and boring.  Your goal now is to bore readers so they stop coming.  Make sure you have a minimal look with no colors, images, or anything else to draw the reader.  Remove all SEO that helps your blog in search rankings.  No more forward progress – our goal now is to lose rank, lose visibility, and lose the audience.

Day 3

Do nothing.  You have been committed to your blog for too long.  Stop.  People want to see fresh, exciting, meaningful content and when you stop producing it, they will leave to find someone who can deliver.  Go take a walk, get outside, take a nice bubble bath, but whatever you do, stay away from your blog.  I know it’s hard, I know you want to log on and interact with people and create, but stay away! 

Day 4

Go ahead and post – don’t worry about ideation, meaning, value, analytics, or any of that nonsense.  Once your audience sees that you aren’t going back to normal and the first post wasn’t a fluke they will start to get worried and confused.  This is good; we want them to react this way.  Don’t worry about responding to their comments or engaging them.  Just leave them be and they will leave.

Day 5

We are in the home stretch now.  You are almost free.  Now, this last step is extremely important.  Delete your blog.  Go into your dashboard and delete – do not back anything up, don’t save it, don’t pause anything – completely delete it.  If you self-host erase everything.  Pull it all down.  You now no longer have a blog.  In all honesty, you could have started here, but how much fun was it to slowly destroy your blog?

Blogging helps to create audiences, followers, and in some cases, ego for writers.  When you are looking to leave that life, you need a clean break.  However, going cold turkey won’t work.  You will come back.  By stopping your thoughts of exciting content, community interaction, and SEO best practices, you will be able to break away.