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I am a transcriber. Why do I say this? Because a transcriber possesses certain important skills, comprehension being high on the list. One must be able to transcribe intelligently. And that's what I do. In addition to that, I possess very good typing skills and I am an excellent communicator. I go the extra mile to ensure that I deliver a high quality transcript, one that has minimal to zero errors with an accuracy rate of 98 percent. I often proofread the transcripts twice when given ample turnaround time. I value honesty and integrity, therefore I will not over-promise only to under-deliver.

I have the capability of doing the following for you:
- transcribe your audio or video files clean verbatim. I will lightly edit to remove filler words such as 'you know, like, so', false starts, grammatical errors, and side conversations so as to enhance readability.
- transcribe and identify every speaker’s voice or use generic identifiers.
- format the transcripts using short paragraphs, page numbers, etc

You are valued dear client, whether you are a successful businessman who needs his webinars transcribed, a Reverend or Pastor in need of his sermons to be transcribed or a college student with not too much of a budget who needs transcription services.

Talk to me. I am your transcription solution.....

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Writing Sample

Pest and building inspections

When purchasing a new home or when moving to a new rental house, it is important to have it undergo thorough inspections against stability, security and pests. Inspecting a building against these factors will make one to make an informed decision. Purchasing a building in the form of a residential house or commercial premises is considered a lifetime investment and costs a lot of money. It may cost an individual all his lifetime savings in order to acquire this precious investment.

Before you buy a home, always ensure that you seek the services of a pest and building inspector. He will come and inspect the building and advise you accordingly. He may ask you to continue with the transaction or to stop it until there are some repairs done to it. The house is inspected for the following factors.

  • Humidity- The inspector will inspect the building and find if there are any leakages that may end up causing humidity to the house. Leakages in the roof may cause the ceiling board to hang loosely and fall on the room. This is a good breeding ground for molds.
  • Termites- The inspector will check for the presence of any termites within the house. Termites may eat the foundation of a house yet from the outside appearance, it appears to be standing yet it will fall within a short time.
  • Cracks- He also checks for any cracks within the walls and floor which may allow ants and other small insects into the house.