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Entrepreneur, Educator, Author.

Scott has an extensive background in business, technology and banking and is an experienced educator and author. He can take complex topics and boil them down into easy to understand explanations and instructions.

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  • Writing & Blogging
  • Business & Marketing
  • Finance & Economics
  • Science & Technology

Writing Sample

Here are some articles I have written on various websites.  In most cases, I also formatted the articles using HTML or WYSIWYG editors to make the content more effective.  I have included a link to a screenshot on Pinterest for articles submitted to websites I don't control, in case they change or edit my article.

Commentary & Reviews

  1. Jollibee Opens in Houston - My Blog
  2. METRO is Rethinking Transit and Wants Your Input - My Blog

Technology & Social Media

  1. SSL for Newbies - HostGator (screenshot)

Finance & Payments

  1. What is PCI Compliance? - HostGator (screenshot)
  2. Credit Card Brands Accepted in United States - My Blog

More Articles

More writing samples can be found at the following websites:

  1. My Blog
  2. BizTechTonics
  3. Pinterest (screenshots of select articles I wrote)