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With five years of content writing experience, flexibility in style and tone, and a working knowledge of SEO best practices, Virginia can create the high-quality content that your website or blog needs. Her extensive work with blog posts, website articles, social media posts, About Us pages, product descriptions, and white papers guarantees you a finished product that will start conversations and drive traffic to your site. Her areas of expertise include health and wellness, green living, and home improvement, but her strong researching capabilities enable her to create well-written and knowledgeable content in almost any vertical.

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Writing Sample

Four Ways to Ensure that You are Hiring a Great Content Writer

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of outsourcing your content creation is finding a writer who can provide quality content without breaking your budget. Ordering articles and posts from a content mill is easy, convenient, and cheap, but the results are often questionable at best. When it comes to creating original, custom content that will actually benefit your business, nothing beats a relationship with a writer that you know and trust. 

Carefully Examine the Writer Profile

Most content sites that allow users to choose their own writers provide writer profiles. This provides your first impression of a writer that you might consider hiring. If the witer's profile appears sloppy, half-hearted, or just poorly put together, his work will probably reflect that. You can also view a writer's education, prior writing experiences, certifications, and often even a resume on the writer profile. While a long list of certificates may be impressive, that doesn't necessarily mean that that particular writer is going to be the right fit; instead, focus on the writer's areas of expertise as well as past writing experience. 

Check Social Media

If a writer doesn't at least have a Facebook page that you can glance at or a blog with relevant writing samples, he probably isn't a very committed writer. This might be acceptable if you need a low volume of work or your deadlines aren't set in stone, but in most cases, a writer's commitment to meeting deadlines is just as important as his commitment to quality. Make sure to check whether a writer's blog exhibits good link-building skills as well, because link-building is integral to increasing page rank and bringing traffic to your website. 

Ask for a Sample

A writer who can't follow directions is useless to any brand-building strategy. Once you have chosen a writer that you might consider hiring, don't be afraid to ask for a sample article. Give specific instructions on a typical assignment - don't order a five-page white paper if you plan to order mostly web content, for example. Make it clear that you will pay for the sample only if it meets your standards, and that publication of the sample doesn't necessarily mean that you want to continue in a business relationship. If the writer can't accept these terms, there are plenty of others out there who will. 

Don't Be Afraid to Try an Underdog

Some of the most talented content writers in the world are those who have little to no official schooling, and no published links to provide because all their work has been ghostwritten. Unless you are hiring a technical writer for a very specific niche, the fresh voice and innovative ideas that some unrecognized writers can offer may be worth more than the official qualifications that send the prices that some writers demand through the roof. Don't expect to underpay your writer, but never pay more than a writer's work is worth, either. 

Using these four simple tips can help you to avoid the frustation and loss of time and money that is often associated with hiring new writers. Not every writer that you hire will work out, but with a little care you can keep disappointment to a minimum.