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Writing Sample

Ways to Reduce Dog Shedding Hair


If your dog has entered shedding “season” or is simply a hairy beast that leaves clumps of hair everywhere they go, don’t feel bad. Read on because there’s hope; there really are ways to reduce dog shedding hair!

First, let’s learn a little bit more about shedding in general, leading us into shedding reduction:

Do all dogs shed?

Contradictory to what most people think, all dogs do shed… just not the same amount. Take poodles or Chinese cresteds for example. Poodles and hairless Chinese cresteds do not have an undercoat like most varieties or breeds; they only have a single layer. A lot of people think that they do not shed at all but this isn’t entirely true.

All dogs shed to a certain degree. Poodles and the hairless variety of Chinese cresteds do shed, it is just extremely minimal to the point of going unnoticed.

They don’t have typical fur like most dogs with a double coat; they have hair that is more like a human. The lifespan of their hair growing and falling out is longer than double coated breeds, such as a border collie or the powder puff variety of a Chinese crested.

Why do dogs shed?

Dogs shed because the hair that fell out, had reached the end of its life cycle. Dog hair keeps growing until it reaches the end of its life cycle and when it does, it is shed from the follicle and the whole process starts all over again.

Dogs either have a single coat of hair or a double coat. Dogs such as poodles, have a single coat of hair. With a double coated dog, you have an undercoat and top coat. The top coat consists of guard hairs; the hair you see and feel on the outside of their coat. The undercoat is the bottom, protective layer that is under the top coat.


Dogs with double coats, such as border collies, have a shorted life cycle with their hair and shed year round but typically shed an abundance of their hair, seasonally. We actually have border collies, and they notably shed the most in the spring and fall. At our home, if we don’t try to reduce the hair before it hits the floor, we are constantly having to sweep.

Now that you better understand the shedding process and reasoning, let’s get to the good part… ways to reduce dog shedding hair.

Brush them dailydog shedding brush

Brushing your dog every day or every other day, will drastically cut back on the amount of hair your fuzzballs shed onto the floors.

Investing in a great grooming tool will do a better job than using a regular fur comb. Using a grooming tool or an undercoat rake brush that we use, will release the loose, dead hair within Fido’s fur. Not only will this feel great for your dog and save on house cleaning time, but it also prevents build up of the dead hair, creating uncomfortable matting all over your dog.

Hand stripping

Hand stripping is a nifty technique used by many groomers and individuals who want to help their dog, by pulling out their dead hair. This does not hurt the dog; it’s a way to pull the dead, loose hair rather than cutting or breaking it. Here is a short video to demonstrate.

Hand stripping allows the coat to remain healthy and make room for new hair to grow in. Often times, it is done using a stripping stone or stripping knife.

Breeds that hand stripping is commonly done to are: schnauzersAiredale Terrierswire haired Dachshunds, and affenpinschers to name a few.

Give your dog a bath!

Shedding can be very itchy for your pooch. We recommend giving your dog a bath once a week or so. This will help reduce shedding by removing the dead hair and and at the same time, soothing and healing your pet’s skin.

Our border collies get extremely itchy when they are shedding, especially in the spring. We recommend using an oatmeal or itch specific shampoo for this. We even have a dedicated article on the best itch relief shampoos; you can see them by clicking here.

Dog shedding supplements

Having an unhealthy coat can make shedding more excessive, but giving a supplement that is rich in Omega and fatty acids can prevent this. Not only do most of these supplements aid in reducing shedding, but a lot of them are also beneficial for their heart, joints, and immune systems.

Dog food

“You are what you eat”. If you’ve heard this saying before, then you must know that this is no different for our pets. A dog’s health will reflect what they eat, especially through their coat. If they are fed crappy food, don’t expect a glamorous, healthy coat. Find a higher quality food and you will not have unnecessary, excessive dander and shedding.

Can I shave my dog to stop shedding?

A lot of people have the misconception, that shaving down their fuzzy dog, will reduce shedding; not true. Sure, it may “seem” like a great idea but this actually doesn’t stop or reduce shedding.

Shaving down your dog will only mean shorter hairs to clean up, plus they now don’t have their coat to protect them against the heat and cold.  So if you do decide to shave down your shedding dog, keep at least an inch in hair length; this will at least help prevent sunburn.

We hope from this article, you were able to obtain knowledge of ways to reduce dog shedding hair. We love our border collies and have had great success applying what we wrote in this article.


-Taylor & Kevin