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Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to read my proposal.

I have over twelve years of writing and editing experience, and I am ready to go to work for you! With a wide range of skills and experiences writing content for you will be no trouble at all! From the creative to the serious and the fun to the professional, I have what you need to take you to the next level!

An active writer in the academic, professional, business, and creative fields for over a decade, I have what you need to make your business the best that it can be! Working closely in academia, I have years of experience with essays, research paper, APA and MLA citation styles, short and long papers, grammar and editing, and every aspect of the academic paper- including plagiarism protection. I have worked with ESL students as well as special needs students very closely.

My work spans from honors English to prep English students.I have tutored students in every area of English, writing, reading, grammar, study, and general learning. I also have experience with SEO, ghost writing, blog and website content, and more! My academic degrees include an AA in Journalism and Communications and a BA in English Communications and Psychology. I also have an AS in Landscape Design and an AS in Horticulture and Plant Care. I also have over 6 years hands on experience with gardening and landscaping.

I have edited papers, books, press releases,academic papers, business communications, newspaper and magazine articles, college level tests and essays, research papers, and more! I have done several e-books with writing, editing, formatting, and marketing!
This experience has provided me with vocabulary, diction, and writing experience that has helped me become the accomplished writer and editor that I am. It takes a good writer to be a good editor, and I encompass both! I have done blog and website writing and managing for industries such as finance, travel, photography, hospitality, pet care, hobbies, entertainment, and more!

I also have done e-learning and course materials for college classes, English courses, real estate, and others. I have also helped run several word press sites and am managing several such pages and social media pages for a variety of business.

Approach to the Job:
I know how to tailor content for specific needs, audiences, sales goals, and criteria. My experience also includes working on ebooks as a writer, writing consultant, editor, and ghost writer. Let me help you with any of your writing needs, big or small!

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Writing Sample

The things successful people do that others don’t do!


Part of the rewards we can reap when we embrace success and make it ours is recognizing that what we choose to do day in and day out affects who you we can become and what we can do with our lives. Some parts of the plan to success happen quickly, others take time and patience. As we progress along our road to success, we must always be on the lookout for opportunities and remember that trade-offs will be required. Define success for yourself because you are the one who ultimately has to walk the path, make the choices, live with the results, and maintain that level of success once you achieve it.


Despite what Hollywood and all other outlets of social wisdom might propose to be truth, there is no one uniform definition of success that can be applied to all people and all situation. Some people desire riches where others seek fame. Some people work for business success and others want to be successful in family matters. For every person there is a unique and truly personal idea of what it means for them to be successful, and it is not always measurable by the standards of society and media. You can't be successful until you know what it means for you. Otherwise, you are just revving your engine, spinning your wheels, and burning fuel without getting anywhere. To get started discovering the road to success in your life, consider these eleven things that truly successful people that everyone seems to forget about!



  1. Successful People Work to Prosper- Not Simply Go Through The Motions

Those individuals who are more successful an more likely to reach their short term and long term goals go to work with a special goal in mind- to get things done. They work to turn dreams to reality, not just to log in another eight hour work day. There is a special drive, even an almost greedy need to get things done and accomplish goals. Millions of people go to work day after day and never seem to accomplish much, and many feel little to no inspiration or connection to their work. Many would not consider themselves successful. They often refer to work in a negative way, where the successful individual looks at the good potential and sees each day as a gift to do bigger and better things. The unsuccessful people typically complain instead of taking action, which is one of the biggest differences when it comes to being successful in your work, whatever it may be. Work—and the passion, love, motivation, and goals associated with it—is what leads individuals to success and helps them see their dreams become reality.


One way you can be successful in your job is to remember to keep person issues and problems just that-personal. It can be difficult in some situations to keep that division distinct, but keeping work and home life separate helps you focus on the task at hand and helps you zero in on goals and find your work place motivation. It is important that you do not work just to go through the motions. To be successful you must claim each day, embrace it, and make it all that it can be. People who find success and accomplish great things in life known how to put forth specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-driven (SMART) goals. Simply saying, I want to get my work done is not a goal, telling yourself that you want to get your work done three hours early so you can work on that personal project is a goal.


Successful people big and small usually find that working toward their goals in small increments is easier and they know the importance of taking frequent breaks throughout the day. This method has actually been proven to help people get more done in less time, which is one of the most dominating factors for measuring success. Many of us think that our wisdom, our attributes, and personal aptitudes are fixed – that we can only improve so much and that we can only control our destiny so much. As a result of this faulty logic and mindset, we tend to focus on proving our self worth and value, instead of working to develop and acquire new skills that can take us to newer heights of greatness. People who set goals that focus on improving themselves and make goals that are about being better rather than just good enough, are more prepared to take life head on and show what they are really about. They find success by having the determination and grit needed to get it done and get it done right.


Grit is the disposition and passion to commit to long-term goals, persist in the face of obstacles, and never lose sight of personal goals and dreams. It has been shown that gritty people seek after education more actively in their lifetime, are more successful in work, and have a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in life. Grit is what helps the college student get through that hard semester. Grit is what helps the cadet make it through boot camp. Grit helps the couple overcome a disagreement and pick up the pieces. And grit is what sets the truly successful person apart from everyone else. The good news is, even if grit is not something you are naturally blessed with, you can learn to be more proactive and can nurture the gritty nature that you do have until it becomes the grit that makes you successful. Embracing this aspect of your nature will not just help you see and work towards your goals more effectively, but it can also do wonders for every other aspect of your life!

    1. People Find Success When They Exhibit Incredible Drive and Motivation
      The most successful people in life are the ones who are driven, and those that tend to push and shove until all obstacles are torn down and they reach their goals. They are motivated by a desire for greatness and a personal need to be successful at what they set their hands to do. Successful people are able to stay focused and can keep working at whatever it is that will get them results. They keep working when others have already packed up and gone home. They are still plugging away at their work and the task at hand when others are slacking off. They keep pressing on when everyone else has given up and chosen the easier road.


Unsuccessful people waste time getting lost in their feeling and in emotions - this causes them to stop pressing on when things get hard or it can cause them to settle for less than their best. Worst of all, this mindset often leads them to rationalize how these feelings are ok and normal and that they should just accept them and get on with their lives. What they don't seem to understand is that true success has to be measured from within and the motivation and drive to work towards success has to come from within. No external force can bring about success if the heart mind and soul of the individual is not invested.


Remember it is not possible to change other people, you can only change how you look at them and react to them. Take the quirks and oddities of the people around you with a grain of salt and don’t let it derail your focus. Remind yourself that you most likely have your own set of quirks that make other people scratch their heads too. Focus on the task at hand and always keep your goals in sight and at the forefront of your mind. Successful people don’t necessarily work harder than everyone else. They do, however, work smarter!

    1. The Successful People Never Make Excuses For Their Mistakes and Failures
      Regardless of the obstacles they face and the challenges that come their way, successful people know and understand that making excuses will not change the outcome and that it will often do more harm than good. Even justified excuses cannot swing the hands of fate and make a project or person successful. For a truly successful person, when things go wrong, it is seen as a unique opportunity for growth and improvement, not as an insurmountable hurdle or a negative aspect of what they are trying to accomplish. Unsuccessful people are the ones who spend too much time and energy making excuses, blaming anything or anyone other than their own limits and weaknesses and need for improvement. Even if the "excuses" are legitimately true, it won't improve the outcome, and this is something all successful people know – so they just avoid making them at all.


No matter how legitimate the reasons may be, never make an excuse to help sooth your ego after experiencing a less than stellar performance. A large part of being successful is feeling like you have accomplished something great and that you are making a difference. Successful individuals are never afraid to do what matters and they are not afraid to take calculated risks when necessary. "The only thing to fear is fear itself," is true, but and even better quote might be, "The only thing to fear is ourselves."


Why is this? The simple answer is that we are all afraid. We're scared of the unknown and of what might or might not happen. We're scared of change as well as the things we seem to be unable to change. We're scared of things we cannot do. We're scared of how others might perceive us. This fear is real and that makes us hesitate, just for a little while, but that grows until days, weeks, months, and even years have passed by and the dreams and goals have gone cold and died.


Don't let your fears hold you back. Whatever you've been planning, whatever your dreams are, get started today on your journey of attaining success. Take the first step and start walking the path that will lead you to success and take responsibility for your actions- the successes and the failures.

    1. Successful People Keep the Focus Short Term on Their Day to Day Goals
      Successful individuals are the ones who are focused completely on success. The first thing many people who have earned the title of being successful do every morning is write down their goals. Many find that if they can stay focused on their goals they will get it done and be successful, no matter how difficult, insane, or absurd the goal may seem to be. Successful people like lists and want to stay on track and understand that it helps t know what the day holds in store for them. Less successful people are more likely to allow things to drink in and out of their environments—they aren't controlling what they focus on but rather just allowing their attend and energy to wander to whatever happens to be going on.


The average American consumes four hours of TV and Internet per day and writes their goals down once a year. Every day presents an opportunity to set and reach goals regardless of how large or small they are. It all comes down to staying motivated, in whatever situations you find yourself in; one of the best ways to do this make yourself comfortable and productive in your work environment. As much as possible, personalize your work space and make it your own. Being able to make your work space your own gives you a place to get into the zone, block out distractions, find your motivation, and walk the path to true success.


Some of the most successful people often times are the ones who keep a written journal or to do list to plan their day, monitor their goals, and track their progress. Many people actually have two journals that they keep and regard with very high importance: one for personal planning and one for scheduling/work. Those who achieve a highly successful standard are the ones who value their to-do lists and strive to check off everything on their list each week. Aside from the importance of the list itself, keeping your list manageable is equally important for your success. Successful people make sure that they do not bite off more than they can chew. Their to-do list is kept small and manageable and that is what helps them be successful day in and day out with their short term goals.

    1. The Successful People Are Willing to Fail and See it As a Learning Experience
      There is an old saying that goes “no risk, no reward” and this really does apply to those individuals who are able to call themselves successful. Whether it is at work, school, or home, these people reach for their goals and give it a shot- embracing the fact that they may very well fail. Of course, the intent is to be successful and not fail, but these individuals know that unless they take a chance and accept the fact that they may fail now and then, that they will never be in a position to achieve great success. At some point in life, you'll have to go for it or you'll live the rest of your life regretting not doing so; this is what successful people realize and embrace each and every day.


Unsuccessful people are the ones who generally try to play it safe and who are afraid to take any risks. They don’t speak up or offer ideas our of fear of not being successful. They're afraid to fail because they want to impress people and they are afraid of what failure will do to them. Because of this, unsuccessful people are usually content to so the minimum amount of work needed to get by and try to slide through and fly under the radar. That is not the way of the successful person. Never be afraid of failure for right behind every mistake and accompanying every failure is a great and powerful opportunity to learn and better yourself. Try something new and different Getting out of your comfort zone and try something new and different. You will never know what you are truly capable of until you try, and you will never realize the greatness that might be lying dormant inside if you never take the chance and risk failure. Breaking the grind of your normal routine and try something new.


Never, ever give up just because you hit a snag or had some trouble or experienced some failure or setbacks. There's a big difference between understanding the value of failures as a learning opportunity and truly embracing it and maximizing its potential. If you experience failure, it is ok to get disheartened and upset, to vent if need be, but the most important thing you can do is to get right back to things and keep pressing forward. You just keep going. So long as you pick yourself up one more time than you get knocked down, you can still find your path to success, no matter how many obstacles are thrown your way. You may be surprised to find that you actually enjoy the process of working through challenges and figuring out how to overcome the next obstacle that life throws at you. That is one of the true marks of a successful person.

    1. Define Success for Yourself to Truly Find it in Life
      Despite what all the various sources of social wisdom and popular media opinions might have you believe, success can be defined with a simple phrase, image, or position. Some people want riches while other seek the simple life. There are people who desire to be the best employee possible while others want to work their way up the chain of command, and still others desire to be self employed and be their own boss. Knowing what your goals are and what your definition of success is must be the first step.


No matter what you are working toward and what your ultimate goal or measure of success is, you have to have a clear image of it in your mind. It has been shown time and time again that when someone has a clear focus on what they are fighting for they are more likely to reach that goal. One easy way to define your goals and stay focused for success is to take time to reward yourself. You have long term and short term goals in all areas of life, and setting up rewards offer a good way to stay motivated and positive as you work towards success. It is a proven fact that no one can deny- life doesn’t always give you what you want, and successful people know this, accept it, and deal with it. The difference between those who find success and those who miss it is this- successful people willingly make sacrifices all in the name of the greater good.


True success is defined by how much you give as well as how much you gain. Successful people give of their time, talent, abilities, and resources to help others who are trying to make themselves more successful. Do you want to lose weight, quit smoking, or control that bad temper? Then you need to define it, embrace it, and then take the success you gain and pass it along to others. Thought suppression has long been shown to be ineffective- telling yourself not to think about something makes you much more likely to think about it and dwell on it. The same truth rings out in regards to behavior - by trying to make ourselves forget bad habits and routines that have kept us from being successful, we end up focusing more on those unsuccessful aspects than on what could actually make us successful. If you desire to be successful and want to replace bad habits with good ones, then you have to ask yourself, 'What will I do instead?' Instead of just telling yourself to stop wasting time and be more productive, you need to give yourself actionable steps that you can take and you need to determine exactly what you are going to do to break that habit and usher in more successful habits. The behaviors and habits that are keeping you tied down and that are getting in the way of your success will get worn away over time and will eventually disappear, allowing you to replace them with success driving habits. Only then can you truly define success in your life and begin to reach for it and embrace it.

    1. Relate to Other Successful People Who You Can Learn From
      Unless the definition of success you have set up for yourself involves becoming a hermit and living alone on some desolate island, people will be an integral and essential part of your life as well as your journey to success. People are in our lives for a variety of reasons, and the vast majority of the time- even if we do not fully understand it- they can help us in some way, shape, or form. You can get a better understanding of why they do what they do and what motivated them when you take the time to relate to them. You'll find ways to bridge gaps, open lines of communication, mutually benefit from each other, and make progress towards your goal of being successful.


Even the most successful and capable person needs help, from someone, at some point and time. There is not one person who found great success in their lives who didn't need the help or guidance of other human being or who didn't find something that they had to work at and learn along the way. Mozart was tutored in music by his father when he was just a young child- and it helped lay the foundation that lead him to being one of the most famous and successful musicians of the classical era. Unless you are a hermit and define success as being self sufficient and shut off from the rest of the world, you'll be working with people and you will likely find that you have to rely on others at some point and time in order to get where you want to go. The better the people you work with are, they better you'll be as well.


Successful people are not afraid of working with others who know more and who are more successful than they are. Successful people realize that if they keep doing what they have always done and never see or try new things then they will never progress. People are motivated many times by the people around them and the people they look up to- we want to model the success we see in others. This is why successful people know that they need to be in the company of people who are successful. Networking, making connections, rubbing elbows, and maintaining communications and relationships with highly successful people is the best way you can motivate yourself to greater things.

    1. Delegate Your Work To Others and To Other Aspects of Your Goals
      Many times it can be difficult to obtain success without relying on the help and assistance of others along the way. There is little success that can truly be achieved by one person working on their own. Life and business are too complex today and no one person can do it all. Incredibly successful people know how to plan, admit their weaknesses, seek help for those areas, choose partners wisely, and maximize the effectiveness of their teams and groups. Unsuccessful people take things at face value and never stop to question a method or process and never take time to consider other options or investigate new ideas. Incredibly successful people tend to be naturally curious and enjoy the research and exploration as much as coming to the end answer and achieving their goals. They like to dig deeper to understand how things work and they want to know why things work the way they do. Successful people enjoy the 'extra work' of research because it can help them make a better decision about how to tackle their goals most effectively.


Another way to help yourself is to delegate your time and energy to different tasks and goals. Even on your own you need to know how to manage your time and track your progress and results. Results can go a long way to help to keep you motivated and help you keep moving forwards towards success. When the hard times creep up and star to get you down and you begin to feel discouraged, many people find it helpful to motivate themselves to work harder to get through the difficult spots by looking over the progress they have already made. Pulling from inspiring stories can also help you find new ways to delegate your time, resources, and energy in order to be successful. Every fire can burn bright, it always can use a little outside help now and then to help it burn brighter and stronger, so make sure you take the help and delegate to yourself and to others you may be working with. Everything will not always be smooth sailing, so work to plan and prepare ahead of time as much as you can. When problems do arise, adapt and continue so you can keep moving towards your goal of being successful.

    1. Successful People Never Allow Their Past to Dictate Their Future
      Every successful person has limitations, even if does not seem like it at times. We all have challenges that we wrestle with and every successful person has had their fair share of mistakes and failures. That is part of being human, and successful people have many stories to tell and many ups and downs in their past. The key difference between the successful and the unsuccessful person is how the relate to their past. Successful people learn from the past and embrace it as something that should not be fought against. Unsuccessful people often let their past haunt them, shame them, and get them downhearted. Success comes down to keeping your eyes focused ahead of you, not behind. Easier said than done? It all really comes down to your perspective.


Mistakes are a part of life and an important part of the growing and learning process. When something goes wrong, the successful person will look at it and turn it into an opportunity to learn something new. They will see the benefit of learning how not t do something or figuring out how to overcome the negative effect they now face. Personal failures also make the successful person able to be gracious and forgiving when others face struggles or make mistakes. What someone has done and where they have been--everything in their past-- is a training ground that can help prepare them for what the future holds. Remarkably successful people see the past as something that can help shape them, and they know that it should never define them or constrain them.


Having a goal helps tomotivate you forward no matter what struggles you face. Follow your passions! When you enjoy what you are doing, you are more motivated to keep at it and give it your all. There is an old saying that professes that if you do something you love you will never have to work a day in your life. This is true and it is something that successful people understand, and they take joy in the things they do because they know it is moving them closer to their goals. Most goals that are worth working for require time, planning, effort, and persistence- and they are well worth the effort in the end.


    1. The Successful People Never Get Involved in Gossip
      It can be very difficult to resist getting on board the gossip train, especially if you work in an environment where conversation is common or where you work with other people closely for long periods of time. Finding out who said what, why they did something, the motivation behind confusing actions and hearing about other people's failures are hard to resist. There is one truth that all successful people remember- the person who is gossiping about others are also gossiping about them. And suddenly gossip becomes a lot less enjoyable when you realize that you are one of the people being talked about. When you are tempted to listen to gossip or get involved with the behind the back talk, consider what you would say if that person was in the room. The next time someone starts up the gossip train, just politely excuse yourself and leave the room or go about your business and ignore what they are saying. Don't worry about what the gossipers think about you or about losing their respect; anyone who gossips about others has no respect for anyone to begin with.


Gossiping come naturally though because as humans, we are hard-wired to communicate and connect with others through stories. This is why commercials and advertisements tell a story rather than just spew information about the product or service. We love stories and we like to feel connected and involved with others. This is normal and a successful person knows how to use stories and communication as a way to build connections and build friendships rather than to tear others down. Successful individuals learn to put their attempts at reaching goals into stories that help to motivate themselves and others. They can better connect with people around them and they will get fired up at the same time.

    1. Successful People Are Never Late if There is Anything At All They Can Do About It
      There are many excesses people give for being late- it is one of the classic jokes comedians like to tell. What you might not realize is that every time you are late and come up with some excuse for it, other people resent you. Whenever you are late, deep down inside most people think that you must feel your time is more valuable than theirs and that your plans are more important. It is easy to see how this can kill any chance you might have had of building a successful relationship at a personal or professional level with that individual or group. Being late is one of the most common reasons why people feel someone is not deserving of their trust or respect.


Although you might believe that being late is just how you are and that you can't help it, there is no denying that being late is a choice. You let yourself be late. The most successful people in all areas of life value time and punctuality above all else. They get stated earlier, plan ahead, and always plan to arrive ahead of time. Many successful people feel like they would rather be ten minutes early than five minutes late. They arrive early and make plans to get things down while they wait if they do arrive early. Successful people who value punctuality are generally much less stressed and therefore tend to be more insightful, creative, decisive, and involved. Success has to start anew each and every day, and ensuring that punctuality remains a key focus for you is a great way to accomplish this!



The final word of advice successful people often give to others is to take it easy on yourself. It is all well and good to be committed and motivated to be successful, but this should not come from working yourself into the ground and making yourself miserable. Success is something to be enjoyed. It is a life full of ups and downs so make sure you aren't too hard on yourself when mistakes happen and that you keep the big picture in mind. Part of the rewards we can reap when we embrace success and make it ours is recognizing that what we choose to do day in and day out affects who you we can become and what we can do with our lives. Some parts of the plan to success happen quickly, others take time and patience. As we progress along our road to success, we must always be on the lookout for opportunities and remember that trade-offs will be required. We define success for ourselves, so make your own goals, follow your own path to success, and grab hold of it and hang on tight!