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I am a professional writer, an avid reader, a blogger, and a student. I enjoy writing about a number of topics, genres and subjects. Some of my favorite topics to write about are; crafts, books, cooking, shopping, parenting, and many more. I am adept at researching and if I am not familiar with a subject I can easily find the information I need to write a professional, informed article or blog post.

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5 Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season


Christmas is a time to gather with friends and family, a time to reminisce and make new memories.

The season was meant to be celebratory; but as we’ve all experienced at times, it can be quite stressful, instead. All of those extra activities, events and gatherings can add a bit chaos to our already busy everyday lives. It doesn’t have to be that way though; with a few hours of preparation and organization the holidays not only run smoothly but can be a time of joy for even the busiest of us.


Planner or calendar of choice

A small notebook or notebook app. to keep shopping lists, gift buying and Christmas card lists together


  1. Plan out the holiday, well in advance (at least a couple of weeks). Make good use of your calendar, whether it be computerized (the ones that sync to all your devices saves loads of time and is with you always), a wall calendar, or my favorite; a planner (here’s one that has ample space for large daily entries, but still small enough to carry with you and also has space in the back for notes). Use your preferred calendar, to enter in everywhere you need be during December and when: kids recitals, concerts, book clubs, cookie exchanges, etc. Then use those entries to consider what you need to bring to each, and add to your shopping lists accordingly. Most holiday events require you to bring at the very least, a dessert or a bottle of wine. At the beginning of each week, look at where you have to be and do the shopping and baking early on. Better yet, pick one type of dessert to bring to all occasions, and do large batches of shopping/preparation once and freeze cookie dough or dessert batter. At the beginning of each week, defrost and bake what you need for those weekly events.
  2. Pick your events: The holiday season can bring more invites than you and your family could possibly attend. A lot of times, there will be multiple invites from the same circle of friends, clubs, etc. If you can conceivably do so, without hurting anyone’s feelings pick one event to go to per circle or group.
  3. Christmas Cards and Packages: Pick one day in December to write out, address, stamp and send all of your family’s Christmas cards. Avoid multiple trips to the post office by taking any packages that need to be sent to the post office the same day you send out your cards.
  4. Gift Wrap: We’ve all done the late night mad scramble of wrapping everything on Christmas Eve! You know what I mean girls, jumping at every noise, worrying that one of the kids is going to wake up and catch you wrapping their gifts. Not to mention how tired you are the next day after not getting much sleep! Save yourself the hassle of wrapping all of the gifts in one shot and pick one day each week, to wrap the gifts bought during the week. Once wrapped, if you do not want them under the tree they can be stored wrapped for easy retrieval later. Better yet, hire this out there are small task services out there like Task Rabbit that will send someone out to help or look for flyers at your kid’s school or local community center. Many local moms make extra money during the holidays, by offering just this type of service.
  5. Enjoy family time. Pick one night a week to stay home and pop in a Holiday movie, make some popcorn and hot cocoa and just enjoy spending time together as a family. A break from celebrations can be just what everyone needs to relax and rejuvenate and to get back the magic of the season.



The holidays can be a whirlwind of hectic activity, but rather than cringe at it all, spend just a bit of time on the right preparations to make the season something to savor and enjoy, with family and friends.




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