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With a Master degree in Linguistics and an educational background in Paralegal Studies, I was privileged to develop my writing skills in a rigorous academic setting. My professors’ attention to details and prescriptive demands for syntactic and semantic correctness have altogether taught me to write professionally.

Additionally, my background in Paralegal studies has also helped me to synthesize new information and present it in a concise manner. I am an avid researcher, analyzer, and presenter. My writing serves the three purposes of informing, educating, and inspiring my audience. I am familiar with all types of genres from academic research papers to blog post writing. I have even written memorandum and court case reports before. Hire me today and join my growing community of happy clients!

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Writing Sample

Looking to hire but doubtful about how you're spending your money? Below are writing samples from five different niches:

Sample #1

Type: Press Release published on Yahoo Finance

Niche: Home Improvement

San Diego Windows Fashions Takes Traditional Blinds and Shutters to a Green Level

Homeowners discover energy saving benefits in window treatments

San Diego Windows Fashions proudly introduces its window treatment products to residents in Southern California. The company revolutionizes classic and traditional window decors by using quality materials that are green and highly-insulated. From the timeless wood blinds to the versatile drapery/curtains, San Diego Windows Fashions offer a wide selection of window treatments to complement all building styles. The ultimate goal for the company is to provide beautiful blinds and shutters that can improve home insulation.

Although a beautiful place to raise a family, the City of San Diego is also known for its costly utility bills. With energy bills running between $98 and $131 (depending on where you live), residents in San Diego are always interested in solutions that help them to live more green and pay less. According to data collected by the U.S. Department of Energy, improving the energy efficiency of one's window can effectively reduce the lighting and energy expenditure of a home. Statistics collected by the U.S. government also revealed a generous saving of $126-$465 a year when one replaces all the single-pane windows with EnergyStar certified double-pane windows.

However, there is only so much one can do to a window. The drawback is that most of the energy-saving programs have been focused on the windows. When it comes to traditional window decors, many window treatment providers have continued to focus on the aesthetics of the treatment and not so much on the utility. Nonetheless, putting an extra layer of awning, blinds, drapes, and shutters can go a long way in improving a window's energy efficiency. As the Department of Energy finds, using highly reflective interior blinds can reduce approximately 45% of the heat gain during summer. Other government studies have also confirmed that medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings can lower a home's heat gain by as much as 33%.

For San Diego residents who are tired of paying high utility bills, using window treatments to slash back their energy bill is a God-send. San Diego Windows Fashions takes residents in San Diego on a greener level by providing a line of window treatment products that is both energy efficient and beautiful. The company offers roller and Roman shades, mini blinds, wood or Faux wood blinds, shutters, drapery/curtains, vertical blinds, and motorized blinds that can be customized to fit all window sizes and styles. Doing so ensures that all residents can find a window treatment solution that meets their standards for privacy, comfort, and energy efficiency. 


San Diego Windows Fashion is a local window treatment provider that carries a set of beautiful and affordable blinds and shutters. All blinds and shutters have been thoughtfully engineered for best quality and results. Visit for more information or call (866) 255-6052 for a free home estimate today. 

San Diego Windows Fashion
(866) 255-6052

Sample #2

Type: Blog Post

Niche: Business, Technology

4 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Modern Technology

There is no denial that technology has penetrated all areas of our lives. From the digital thermostat in our home to the programs we use for accounting at work, technology has upgraded the quality of our lives by making things easier and faster. Whereas big financial institutions like Wells Fargo reaps great benefits from financial management software, development in customer service technology has altogether unified communication, improved response time, and engendered customer loyalty for companies of all sizes. For every need you have, there is a technological solution. Regardless what niche market you fall under, here are 4 ways to streamline your business with modern technology:

Use Cloud Computing to Enhance Collaboration

While working off your hard drive has been a business practice for decades, cloud computing is the next rising star for workplace productivity and collaboration. Instead of storing, managing, and processing valuable data on a local server or a personal computer, cloud computing enables employees to access documents, information, and company projects through a secured, remote networking system. Workers can work around the clock and from any place of their choosing. When it comes to team projects, team members can upload files, make comments, changes, or corrections on a project, and stay in sync with the flow. 

Try Analytic Tools to Measure Marketing Outcomes

Every business needs to have a reliable tool to measure their marketing strategies. Although having an attractive website is a great start, you need analytic tools to evaluate traffic, customer preferences, and conversion rates. For example, technology like Google Analytics is here to help you to collect, track, and consolidate live data so you will not only have an accurate view of your customer needs, but also the opportunity to optimize your content base on market demands. As Inc. explains, data management and analytics enhance customer-business relationships by creating an insight-driven marketing process that is both effective and efficient. 

Encourage Employees to Maximize Their Smartphones

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in April 2015, two out of every three Americans have a smartphone and regularly use it to accomplish a variety of online and offline tasks. With more and more people going mobile, businesses can help employees to personalize their work experience through mobile apps. As one source points out, mobile applications are now pervasive in most companies and that there's a "growing popularity and interest around using business-to-employee (B2E) apps to attract and retain well-qualified staff." In fact, the MGI Research finds that 53% of the enterprises are planning to develop between one and five B2E applications so employees can have real-time business data from the comfort of their mobile devices, stay organized and informed 24/7, and communicate with each other quickly and effectively. 

Plan Your Social Media Posts/Tweets with Third-Party Apps

Social media marketing is an excellent marketing channel you do not want miss. However, staying on top of social media posts and tweets can be extremely time-consuming. To effectively reach your social media audience, you need a few third-party apps to help you to stay on top of the game. Buffer, according to a post on, is a powerful app that helps you share content on multiple social media channels. Users can decide the best time for publication or let Buffer do the works. Other apps suggested by the same post include PixxFly and Hootsuit. The former is an outbound marketing app that "automates the distribution and syndication of all your content to various channels across the web with one simple click", while the latter creates a single interface for you to manage all your social media accounts, track brand mentions, schedule posts, and analyze traffic.

Sample #3

Type: Blog Post

Niche: Marketing

5 Steps to Creating a Web Presence from Scratch

Creating a competitive web presence in the 21st Century is critical to your business success. While a website serves as the modern equivalent of a business card, developing a recognizable brand name on the Internet takes more than picking a company name and registering your domain name. If you are new to the web and need to develop a web presence from scratch, there are a number of things you need to do to get the ball rolling. To make things easier for you, the web design and marketing experts from EnvitionIT Solutions have summarized this complex process into 5 simple steps. Most of these steps are related to each other and can be done concurrently as you seek to develop your brand's online visibility.

1. Branding

Once you identified your target market, you will need create a unique name and image for your customers. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in an increasingly competitive markets because it effectively identifies your audience as well as the place, manner, and medium of communication. If you have a few working brand ideas, you may want to do further research or even contact a professional web design company (like EnvisionIT Solutions). Talking to a web designer early on in the process will help you to visualize how the brand will be represented from a designer's perspective.

2. Survey the Battlefield 

Having a clear view of the market always aids your branding process. Spend time learning about your competitors, reading the content on their website and studying their goods and services so you can develop a unique brand that offers a competitive solution. 

3. Online Keyword Research/Local SEO

The more research you do, the more you are going to be prepared to promote your brand. Because online visibility is aided by how well your brand matches public demands, knowing the keywords people are using for your area of service will enable you to optimize your content and build your website around keywords that matter the most. Even if you don't exactly understand all the technical stuff around SEO and website design, discussing your marketing objectives with a website designer from EnvisionIT will steer you to the right direction. Web design is our specialty, and we are here to help you overcome all technical challenges.

4. Domain Name Registration

Unless you have a clear vision and marketing strategy, we will recommend you to repeat the first three steps several times before registering the domain name. However, if you are confident with the brand story you have developed and can't wait to get started, you can register your domain in platforms like GoDady or Bluehost. The process is simple, but we can do it for you to save you some time. 

5. User-Friendly Website Design 

Creating a professional website is your next step. Beside your content, the designs of your website is a powerful representation of your brand. Because your website is the place where existing and potential customers will visit and contact you, designing a website around aesthetics, user-experience and SEO are extremely important in Google ranking and customer conversion. If you don't know much coding, WordPress is your go-to platform for its easy user interface. However, if you are under time constraint or want to save yourself from the tedious process of learning WordPress website design, EnvisionIT website designers are always happy to lend a hand. 

Make Your Brand Known on the Web

To help you to create a web presence from scratch successfully, we will spend time with you to listen to your brand story, analyze your marketing goals and design a professional yet stylish website around you and your brand. When you are ready, our Inbound Marketing team stands ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level by promoting your brand through digital channels such as Blogging, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.), SEO, Email promotions, using Calls-To-Action, Landing Pages, and so forth. Contact us today at (###) ###-#### to get your brand noticed on the web. 

Sample #4 (Blog Post)

Type: Blog Post

Niche: Social Media, Marketing

How Small Businesses Drive Leads Through Snapchat

Small businesses that have ever heard of Snapchat may view it as just another video messaging application, however Snapchat is more than that. Aside from allowing users to send photos, videos, text, and drawings to a specific list of recipients, Snapchat also sets a timer on everything sent. The content (or Snaps) shared are only available on Snapchat for a limited time—typically from 1 to 10 seconds—once the user opens it. The second that time runs out, the content will disappear as if it had never even existed.

As Snapchat evolves, it's created new lead generation opportunities for small businesses. Those who want to raise brand awareness and drive more leads can use time-sensitive content to outreach their niche market. When done right, the Snaps you upload can capture great interests in a matter of seconds. Here are a few things you can do to maximize Snapchat:

Create Time-Sensitive Content to Generate Clicks
Snapchat is a great tool for small businesses to test their marketing strategies and increase viewership. By allowing marketers to publish media content that will disappear in 24 hours or less, small businesses can create time-sensitive content to prompt both followers and prospective customers to check it out right away. Tech savvy businesses can share previews of upcoming sales, product releases, and events to keep everyone excited about what they're doing. The goal is to prepare the audience with informative content so they'll be ready to buy on the big day, or attend the next event.

Gain Followers with Special Gifts and Coupons
Businesses may increase their follower base by offering special gifts, coupons, and giveaways. Thanks to the time limit Snapchat offers, small businesses with a tight budget aren't required to spend much either. Rather, they'll be able to deliver offers and coupons in a matter of seconds, and have them disappear almost as fast as their release. In doing so, companies are not only rewarding their followers, but are also providing the incentive for them to come back for more. In the meantime, those who missed the special deals will likely take your content more seriously and take prompt actions the next time they see a new message from you. 

Give Your Recipients a Dose of Behind the Scene
Since the content will automatically vanish once time runs out, businesses needn't worry as much about leaking important information to competitors. Rather, they can use the opportunity to give fans snippets of company life and other "innovative" secrets behind a product's launch or production. Doing so not only keeps the audience informed but also creates buzz around a new product before its full release. For better results, try to include a strong call-to-action at the end of a story to direct viewers to the company website or social media page. 

Ready to Snap?
As you can see, there are a number of creative ways for marketers to embrace the time limit offered through Snapchat. Because the clock is always ticking, your recipients will feel a natural sense of urgency to check out your content right away. This is why Snapchat is a great channel for you to snap your business into action.

To find more about how Snapchat can help your small business, contact {Business Name}. We will help you to release time-sensitive content and deals to generate more leads right away.

Sample #5

Type: Blog Post

Niche: Life, Health

People Who Feel They Have a Purpose in Life Live Longer

Eat an apple a day, get eight hours of sleep in the nigh, and maintain a moderate intake of sugar are standard healthcare advice we hear from health advisers every day. However, we believe that a home health care provider should go beyond diet and exercises. In this article, {Business Name} will focus on how a sense of purpose will enhance longevity. Give it a good read and let's transform {Business Name} together. 

Purpose: The Magical Dose to Longevity and Wellness

We have all heard of the phrase, "A life without purpose is not worth living" and the likes of it. While the statement may come off as pessimistic and even destructive, it is actually one with hope and life. In fact, having a sense of purpose may add years to the last days of your life. A study conducted to over 1200 seniors have found that those who have a higher sense of purpose demonstrated 50% less mortality rate in the next five years than those who have very little or purpose at all. In a similar study, Ruth University Medical Center experts have observed that purpose in life is associated with a substantial reduced risk of Alzheimer disease among the elderly. Other researchers also found that purpose-driven seniors were approximately 50% unlikely to experience mild cognitive impairment and other memory decline.  

Benefits and Importance of Purpose

No matter how young or old you are, having purposes in life will infuse energy and passion that altogether make you happier and more vigorous even as you approach the winter stage of life. According to a research team led by Eric Kim of the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan, purpose gives people a reason to live, to hope and to be optimistic about the future. In fact, individuals who have a higher level of optimism are 73% less likely to suffer from heart failure. Dr. Patrick Hill, an assistant professor, also finds that purpose-driven individuals tend to fare better across a wide array of psychological and development outcomes. His 14-year study on 6,000 adults across America reports that "finding direction for life, and setting overarching goals for what you want to achieve, can help you actually live longer." 

Finding Your Purpose Through Volunteerism

When it comes to connecting purpose and longevity, it seems that purpose can be very much connected to accomplishments and making a difference in other people's life. It has been said that individuals who place a greater emphasis on benefiting others tend to experience greater psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. Kind acts like volunteering have been known to facilitate a sense of purpose that gives even the elderly a reason to live and contribute. Ruth University Medical Center has reported that seniors who volunteer and invest their lives in the community experience a deep sense of meaning and purpose. According to various findings, volunteerism not only reduces pain intensity and chances of heart attacks, but also lowers levels of depression among seniors. In fact, people who volunteer often experience "a higher level of happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, a sense of control." 

For more tips on discovering your purpose in life, visit us at {Business Name}. In the meantime, take actionable steps to cultivate a sense of direction and purpose in your life by supporting a cause and giving back to the community. 

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