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Not many understand that Art is the Skin of a Business, but Words are the Clockwork within it. We all go about our days trying to get the perfect look and best pictures when really it's the writing within that everyone wants to experience. So why settle for less?

Good writing can make or break your business, let me be your voice.

I am a professional content writer of 7-years with experience in a vast variety of different niches and a turnaround time of 1,000 words in 1-3-hours depending on research.

I'm also a stay-at-home mom of two, soon to be a third and am honored to write for those who need my help and expertise.

Give me a curveball and I will send it back straight.

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Writing Sample

How does the Obamacare Open Enrollment Benefit Our People?


We have all had the moment of not

getting insurance because it is a very high expense to have medical and other needed insurance coverage. We always go on about how we don't NEED coverage or maybe we believe we don't qualify for it and spend thousands a month just to fix a tooth.


No one has enough spare cash lying

about for high dollar partial coverage from the marketplace or even to go to our local agency and get their lowest rate plan that's only partial coverage costing us a grand or more.


We ALL cannot live life without

insurance because the cost of out of pocket is way too high. So what is the best full-coverage health insurance plan offered that's made for everyone?



How Does it Benefit Us?


Obamacare Enrollment is easy and

takes literally only a minute of our time. There's no fluctuating monthly or annual expenses or requirements that only allow specific individuals to get coverage. There's no such thing as never knowing your bill until you get it in the mail because this is tailored for EVERYONE.


Choosing this plan says “TOODLES!”  to

all the other programs that only pick specific individuals as if we are donating eggs, and have coverage for yourself and family in your care.


Affordable Full Coverage


Every agency, private agency and

individuals offering coverage will continue to charge you an arm and a leg just to have a tooth removed or rushed to the hospital with preeclampsia and it's honestly more hazardous going that way of coverage than taking this affordable and government health insurance plan.


Obamacare saves over half the

country’s people thousands of dollars every month because they know everyone needs health coverage that doesn't remove their qualifications a month later or is too expensive for some. You’re probably thinking, 'So how much IS the full-coverage through Obamacare Enrollment?!’


You can literally make the monthly

payment mowing your neighbor's yard. Obama's amazing health care program costs $30 a month for full-coverage. AND the pay per-month stays the same to keep offering affordable coverage for everyone--- individuals, families and even businesses.


No More Rejection or Out of Pocket Visits


Every other agency has their

qualifications to become an insured client rather than the generosity of a single mom in need of low cost and FULL-health coverage. Obamacare will never turn you down and help you get the coverage you need without waiting 6-months for a letter that could very well be a rejection.


You will never have to worry about it

discrimination against you or out of pocket visits that put your account in the negative.


Obamacare Enrollment VS. Other Programs


So why choose to use Obamacare and

their health insurance program?


  • Full Coverage
  • No Rejection from picky slapped on qualifications required to get it.
  • Affordable at only $30 a month for full-coverage opposed to other agency’s several thousand a month.
  • Saves you both time and money as well as the stress of losing your body parts for a tooth or common cold.


Don't go bankrupt for insurance that is

only dental or partial health coverage, pay $30 for full-coverage and save your money for shopping or game night with friends.

Enjoy your life, don't let insurance companies own your wallet.