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I am drawn to writing for the same reason I am a teacher: I am curious about the world around me, and love to learn. I wrote a vegetarian cooking blog for several years, have written for local print publications in the Twin Cities, and have also had my work published on a national website.

Topics of interest to me include education, wellness, food and drink, eco-friendly living, and travel.

I love to research and learn about a topic, and my years of experience as an educator (14+) influence my accessible writing style. I have also worked as a professional proofreader.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Music Education from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities BLOG:  None provided
CERTIFICATIONS:  200 Hour Yoga Training, Yin Yoga Training, Reiki Levels I and II CURRICULUM VITAE:  None provided


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Writing Sample

Start a Recycling Program at Your School

Starting a recycling program at your school is an awesome way to help our planet, but

also a lot of work! It will be very important follow through on tasks, work closely with

teachers, administration, and maintenance staff, and have a solid plan for how you

will implement the program and keep it going.


You will need to get permission from your principal and superintendent to start a

recycling program. We were lucky to have a superintendent who is very enthusiastic

about ‘going green’ and gave us his full support.


After you get the OK from administration, you will need to figure out how many

recycling bins you need for your school. We ordered around 40 bins for classrooms,

offices, and spaces used by students (like the gym and cafeteria). Make sure you also

plan to buy big outdoor recycling cans. We were able to order our indoor bins from

the company that picked up our garbage. Check with your waste hauler first, and if

they don’t have bins available, try calling your city recycling office, or just buy some

sturdy bins from a local hardware store!


There will be a lot of details to figure out with a recycling program, like how to

educate everyone about what can be recycled, or how the bins will be emptied. Try

to have meetings at least twice a month to keep up with everything. Make it fun, and don’t forget to emphasize to teachers

and students that when they recycle, they are helping our planet.


Tips and Things to Remember


- You will need some money to get the project started! We only had to spend

$200 to get enough bins for our school. Try having a fundraiser, like a car wash

or a spaghetti dinner, to get the money you need for recycling bins. Make sure

you tell people what you are raising money for!


- Education is important! Talk to your principal about presenting at a staff

meeting. Make posters and flyers to show what can and cannot be recycled.

Write announcements for the students so they know about it, too. If you find a

soda can in the garbage, don’t get discouraged! Make an announcement about

it the next day so everyone can learn from it.


- Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There is no way one person can start

something as big as a school-wide recycling program. Find some friends and

see how they can contribute. It would also be very helpful to have a teacher

who can support you.


- Celebrate your success! Have a celebration and invite parents and the

community. Students can write speeches and songs about helping the planet.

Share the difference you have made with people you care about.