Location:  Mansfield, OH
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I love to be creative daily and learn new information to form my strengths. Researching is something that I have grown to love to do. I enjoy writing about all sorts of topics. I am a versatile artist. I plan to expand my writing skills to help me advance in my performance.

EDUCATION:  Business and Property Managment from Independence Of University BLOG:  None provided
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Writing Sample

                                             Mansfield OH What a Sight To See  


                                                                                                                                By: Vanessa Pauldo

This small rural City Of Mansfield OH, has so much more to it then what meets the eye. A city of Excitement is what I shall call it. If you ever have any free time and your in the area.I have a few attractions that I will recommend especially for this time of the year. There's a treat here for all ages from grandparents down to the children. There is so many intriguing places to visit so I'm only going to let you in on a few for now.

Once you get the chance to make it out here to Mansfield Ohio, you have to visit the Gorman Nature Center off of Lexington Rd. This is a place I recommend for the summer so that you can observe all of the low and high valleys. This will give you a chance to see all of the wonderful Ohio Native animals. This is a trip that can be set up including the entire family if you enjoy the outdoors and a good hike.

Now if its just an all adult trip I would welcome you to take part in the Downtown after Dark for a taste of Winery and relaxation to end the night. They have a nice reserved selection of bar's and grille's. You can fill up on delicious meals or dance the night away!