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Energetic and passionate writer with expertise regarding various topics. Father of five boys, coach of sports, scout leader, traveler, and hard worker.

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Writing Sample


Sometimes as parents we question ourselves, our motives, our actions and the effect they all have on our children.  Often times we might question are we raising the child or children correctly; will they have good values, morals, and be able to be their own person in life?  Recently I have had the distinct pleasure to witness two occasions where my children proved to me we, meaning my wife and I and of course mostly my wife, are raising our children to have some generosity and think of others.

In January, we had fallen on some really hard times although we had all of our basic bills paid except the cable bill, so I guess in reality we were pretty lucky overall.  My favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, was getting ready to play in their playoff game and I, unfortunately, was going to miss it because I did not have a television with any kind of service since we had not been able to pay the cable bill. 

To my surprise, my son Nigel offered to take me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for the game where I would be able to see the game and enjoy some bonding time with him.  Nigel has always been more attached to his mother than me and for him to offer to do this was a real surprise and a great treat.  In fact, Nigel not only took me to dinner but also his younger brother Neil who is a huge fan of the Packers as well and really wanted to see the game.  Even though the Packers lost, the evening was fun and reminded me of what a nice young man Nigel is becoming as he grows into an adult.

The second occasion of generosity by one of my children came just last night when Neil decided to go shopping.  Neil went shopping by himself; his mother drove him but did not go in with him to help him make any choices.  Neil had been given some money from family members as gifts and he really wanted to buy some fishing stuff.  Fully expecting him to return home with a new fishing pole for himself, I was floored when he came through the door and presented me with a brand new fishing pole. 

Now, Neil has always been a great person, very giving, very intelligent, and exceptionally driven in life to succeed.  He has always met the highest expectations set for him by any adults whether it was a teacher, Scout Leader, or my wife and I as his parents and often he has exceeded them in a huge way.  To say his actions were directly in line with his character is absolutely correct, however still very surprising and reminded me of what a wonderful son I have in Neil.

I realize I have taken the time in this post to boast on two of my boys, but that’s really what being a parent is all about.  How do we teach our children and when and where do they show us how great they really are as well as how much they have listened?  With all of the challenges that face any parents in this day and age, it’s always nice to see when someone reaches out and does something as simple as these guys have done for their dear old Dad.